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Rigged Truth or Dare

Posted by Fred on July 6, 2013 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Rigged Truth or Dare

Part I

One fine day in a suburb of Chicago Illinois Ashley was going over to her best friend Megan’s house to hang out before she went to work. Megan lived near the daycare where Ashley was employed as a daycare worker. Megan was a great friend to Ashley but, Megan liked to make fun of Ashley for working at the daycare because Ashley was about four foot four inches tall. She was the same size as Megan’s little sister, Amy, who was still struggling through toilet training so she wore pull-ups. Ashley casually walked up to her best friend’s house and pulled out her cell phone to call Megan to tell her that she was outside, since she could not reach the doorbell.


After a few seconds, Megan picked up the phone. “Hey Megan can you please let me in I cannot open the door” Ashley said to her friend. “Sure shorty” Megan said teasing Ashley, and then she hung up. Two minutes later the door opened and Megan was standing there to let Ashley in. Megan was five foot eight inches tall. She towered over Ashley’s almost baby like size. “Come on in bestie” Megan said to Ashley. Ashley walked into her best friend’s house, and followed Megan upstairs to her room which was a typical 16 year olds room. It has posters of One Direction, Big Time Rush, and other boy bands. There was a large queen sized four poster bed along with a nice dresser and makeup table set. The walls where painted a nice light purple. “I will say it once and I will say it again Megan, I love your room” Ashley said as she climbed up onto the bed.


Once she was on top of the bed Ashley saw two piles of cards. She looked at the first deck and the sides of the cards facing up said truth and the other set of cards said dare. “Oh so we are playing truth or dare than Megan” Ashley asked. “You hit the nail on the head little Miss Ashley” Megan said. “Well don’t we need more people to play this game” Ashley asked. “Nah we just need one more… Amy come in and play a game with us” Megan said. As soon as she said that Amy came bounding into the room. Amy was a blonde 6 year old who had her hair in pig tails. She was only wearing her pink Disney princess pull-up and a white T-shirt with a picture or Cinderella on it. She climbed on to the bed and sat next to Ashley. “Awe you two are the same height still, but look out Ashley it seems Amy is going to be taller than you soon” Megan said. “Ok Megan stop teasing me and lets play this game” Ashley said.


“Ok then who is going to go first” Megan asked. “I will” Ashley volunteered. “Great so Ashley Truth or Dare” Megan asked. “I think I will pick Truth” Ashley said. “BABY BABY ASHLEYS A BABY” Amy shouts. “Am not” Ashley said. “If you were not a baby then you would choose dare” Amy said. “Fine, dare” Ashley said picking up a card. Ashley looked at it then looked at Megan then looked back down at it. “Well Ashley what does it say. “I don’t want to say I want a redraw” Ashley said. “Too bad no redraws Ashley now what does it say” Megan asked. “It says that I have to dress just like Amy dresses” Ashley said. “Ok then let’s go to Amy’s room and get you dressed like her Ashley” Megan said as she jumped off her bed and went to the door with Amy following her closely. Ashley reluctantly gets off the bed and walks to Amy’s room.


Ashley walked into Amy’s room which was a little smaller than Megan’s room. It had a small twin bed with small bars on the side to prevent Amy from rolling off the bed. There was a changing table, a rocking chair, and posters of Barney and The Wiggles. Finally the walls were pained a nice light pink color. As soon as Ashley stopped looking around she was picked up by Megan and taken to Amy’s changing table. “Yeah finally Ashley gets to wear a pull-up like me” Amy said as she grabbed a pink princess pull-up from under her bed. Amy walks over to Megan and hands it to her “thank you Amy” Megan says as she takes off Ashley’s jeans followed by her panties. “Well Ashley it seems that you are just one step ahead of Amy with you little girl’s panties” Megan says making fun of Ashley’s young girl panties. “Hey those were the only ones that fit me” Ashley shot back as Megan pulled the pull-up around her waist. Megan then picked the now diapered Ashley and put her on the ground next to Megan. The two girls looked almost identical with their pull-ups and white T-shirts on. Ashley was just about to go back to Megan’s room when Amy pushed her down and took her shirt off. Then Megan brought something over Ashley’s head. Ashley was now in a pink dress that was too short to cover up the pull-up.


“Awe you look so cute and look it is time for you to go Ashley it is 4:00 you are already late for work so you better run along” Megan said as she pushed Ashley out of Amy’s room. “This isn’t funny Megan now I have to go to work looking like I am a kid who is supposed to be playing there, well it is a good thing I keep extra clothes there in case something happens” Ashley said as she left her friend’s house. Ashley walked next door to the daycare and went in the door where there was a lobby with a huge desk which blocked the kids from leaving the room. Knowing that she could not get past the desk without the desk attendant’s help; Megan walked up to the desk, there was someone behind the desk who she did not know. “Must be someone new” Ashley thought to herself.


“Excuse me but I need to get in for my shift” Ashley said to the new employee. “Oh my how did you get out there little one” she said as she opened the gate and stepped out. She then picked Ashley up. “No no I work here it is my job to watch the kids, call Cathy the manager” Ashley said. “Who is Cathy and if you worked here you would have to be toilet trained missy” the lady said as she walked you to a room that had a sign on the door that said ‘untoilet trained room’. “Cathy the manager of Sunny Skies Daycare” Ashley said. “Oh you mean the daycare across the street” the woman said as she placed you on the floor. “Now don’t be running off again little one” the lady said as she closed the door. “Wow Ashley how could you be so stupid walking into the wrong daycare” Ashley thought to herself. Ashley’s deep thoughts were interrupted when a seven year old girl, who was taller than Ashley, walked up to her. She smelled of used diaper.


“Hi I am ginger” the seven year old said. “Hi I am Ashley” Ashley said back. “Cool hey I see that you are about my age and are not potty trained either” ginger said pointing at the pull-up Megan put on Ashley. “No I am toilet trained and am 16 years old Ginger” Ashley said. “Liar” Ginger said. “No I am not I am telling the truth” Ashley said back. “Yes you are because if you were potty trained you would not be wearing a pull-up, or in the untoilet trained room. You are not 16 because then you would not be in daycare at all” Ginger said. “Well I am telling the truth I am really short for my age” Ashley said. “No you are just right for a 6 year old because that is what you are now since you are my new best friend I want you to come home with me and have a sleepover” Ginger said. “No I don’t want to” Ashley said. “I am not about to go with a kid who wears diapers and thinks that I am another kid who also wears diapers” Ashley said almost yelling at the taller Ginger.


Suddenly Ginger grabs Ashley’s hand and takes her over to the dollhouses and says “play with me now or I will hurt you, which would be easy because you a smaller than me” Ginger said to Ashley. “Ok ok what do you want to play Ginger” Ashley asked. “I want to play house with the dolls, I will be the mommy and you will be the baby” she said. Not wanting to argue with the bigger girl Ashley began to play with Ginger they played for a long time until the daycare worker in the room came over to Ginger and took her out of the room because her mom was here to pick her up. This left Ashley alone playing with the dolls. “How did I get myself into this mess” Ashley asked herself. “I am a sixteen year old in a pull-up and a pink dress in the middle of a daycare center” Ashley continued to think. Then she was interrupted by the feeling of being picked up. She turned her head and saw that the daycare attendant had come back from taking Ginger to her mom and now had her in her arms. “Hey what are you doing” Ashley demanded. “It’s ok little one I just have to see if you have used your pull-up and if not I need to take you to the potty to have you go” the attendant said. “I don’t need your help I have not used my pull-up and I am perfectly toilet trained” Ashley shot back. “Awe how cute someone wants to grow up fast” the lady said as she put her finger down the front of Ashley’s diaper to check if it was wet. “Oh you are right all clean now let’s take you to the potty” the lady said.

The daycare lady walked with Ashley still in her arms to the toilet room. She then placed Ashley on the ground and pulled down her pull-up, then placed her onto the toilet. “Ok missy, go potty now” she said to Ashley. Ashley sat there not wanting to do anything with this lady standing over her. “Can you please go away so I can use the bathroom” Ashley asked. “No sweety I have to look after you. You could fall into the toilet” the lady says laughing at what she said. “Well then I cannot use the bathroom” Ashley said. “Ok then it seems that you want to be difficult, I will just let you back in the playroom” she said lifting Ashley off the toilet. She then pulled the pull-up back up for Ashley then picked her back up and took her to the playroom. Once she set Ashley down she left Ashley alone again.

Ashley had no idea what to do so she walked over to where the beds where and she climbed into one and took a really long nap. When Ashley woke up she noticed two things. The first thing that she noticed was that all the kids but one were gone, and the second thing was that she had pooped her pull-up. Ashley was horrified by this so she got out of the bed and walked over to a bedside table where she found the daycare lady’s phone. She opened it and dialed her mom’s number. Her mom answered the phone. “Mom it’s me Ashley I need help I have been trapped at a daycare next door to Megan’s house can you please come get me” Ashley begged almost crying. “Sure baby I am on my way be there in fie minutes” her mom said before hanging up. Ashely quickly put the phone back where she found it and then walked back into the playroom. A few minutes later the daycare lady came in and took Ashley by the hand and lead her out to her mom who walked with Ashley to the car. Ashley got into the car and sat down squishing all the poop in her pull-up around her bottom. Ashley’s mom sniffed the air and said “well is smells like you just lost your pull-up privileges missy it is time for diapers when we get home”.

To be continued…


change the channel

Posted by edgien on January 31, 2013 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (4)
Change the channel Seven o'clock in the evening arrived in the form of the clock over the mantlepiece chiming in the Lorland household. The house was in a state of mild disarray, with both Mr. and Mrs. Lorland rushing about, each completing the final stages of preparation for the highly anticipated Halloween party that was to take place at a friend's house in only an hour. Ironically enough, the only person not scooting around at a frantic pace was their daughter, a young girl named Chelsea who was only nine years old. She sat primly on the living room couch, carefully applying herself to the colored pencils and coloring book in her lap. "Now, you're going to be good for Ms. Farmer, aren't you, honey?" asked her mother, whizzing by to briefly pause in front of the mirror mounted on the wall and adjust her hair. "I'll be good, momma," dutifully recited Chelsea, not taking her eyes off of her coloring book. "Such a good girl," vaguely said Mrs. Lorland before disappearing out of the room again. Chelsea's father came in right as her mother was leaving, pausing to adjust his tie in the same mirror. "Honey?" he yelled at his retreating wife. "What time did you tell the babysitter to show up?" "Seven o'clock, dear. She should be here any moment," responded Mrs. Lorland, also yelling. Right on cue the doorbell rang in announcement, signaling the arrival of the babysitter, ashlie. The college freshman was undoubtedly attractive, with a shapely body, smooth white skin and curled black hair. The only real fault to be noticed, and then it was a matter of taste, was the certain amount of plumpness to her breast, They were very large. She greeted Mr. Lorland with a bright smile as he opened the door. "Good evening, sir!" "Good evening, ashlie," returned Mr. Lorland distractedly, ushering the young woman inside. He made a vague gesture towards Chelsea seated on the couch, saying, "This'll be Chelsea, of course. We really appreciate you filling in for Kayla and especially on such short notice." "No problem at all, Mr. Lorland. It's my pleasure," said ashlie perkily. She approached Chelsea who was still lying atop the couch and bent down slightly, placing her hands on her knees and asked in a very much "talking to children" voice, "How are you doing, Chelsea?" Chelsea, who was already in a bit of a sulk about being told she was too young to come to the kind of party that Mr. and Mrs. Lorland were going to, did not appear very impressed. Nevertheless, she responded in a monotone: "I'm fine, thank you Ms. Ashlie." "Oh, just call me ashlie, please," bubbled ashlie. At this point, Mrs. Lorland had joined Mr. Lorland and both were standing by the door, looking slightly hurried. "Well, it looks like you two are getting on very well," beamed Mr. Lorland, his hand on the doorknob. "We've left emergency numbers on the refrigerator and you're free to help yourself to whatever you would like out of it. We'll be back around twelve. Call us if there are any problems." "Oh, I'm sure that everything will be alright," assured Lauren. "You two go out and enjoy yourselves!" The Lorlands smiled and nodded their heads before excusing themselves, leaving Chelsea and ashlie alone. The change in ashlie was almost immediate. The young woman moved back over to the couch and none-too-gently pushed Chelsea's legs aside. "Make room, squirt," she said before settling herself down. At this point, Chelsea had put away her coloring book and turned on the television, casually flipping through the channels. She was surprised when ashlie plucked the remote right out of her hands and began to surf through the channels herself. "I was going to watch something!," squealed Chelsea, indignant. "Tough," unsympathetically countered ashlie before finally coming across what she had been looking for. She had settled upon a horribly violent slasher film, the kind that were usually shown on and around Halloween. It really was atrociously violent. Chelsea couldn't help but wince after only a few seconds. "I'm not supposed to watch this kinda thing," said Chelsea unhappily, holding her hands over her eyes. "Close your eyes then, you big baby. I was watching stuff like this when I was your age all the time," responded ashlie, which probably went a lot in explaining why she was the way she was. "That's not fair!" insisted Chelsea with a quiet whining noise, prompting an indifferent, "Life's not fair," from ashlie. The girl sat frowning, glancing frantically between the television and ashlie before she suddenly struck out, attempting to wrestle control of the remote from ashlie's hands. She managed to change the channel before ashlie caught wise, the babysitter grabbing the remote right back before attempting to change the television channel back to the atrociously violent movie. A brief struggle ensued, the television oscillating wildly between channels as each girl attempted to wrestle the remote away from the other. Things finally culminated in a loud popping sound from the television, the shock of the noise sending both girls landing roughly on their behinds with the remote control landing roughly against the wall. "You broke it!," accused ashlie as she stood up and brushed herself off, quickly walking back over towards the television, which was now displaying a static screen and making a low and ominous droning noise. She squatted down in front of it and began to play with the controls mounted on the side, frowning. Meanwhile, Chelsea was left to nervously retrieve the remote control from where it lay against the far wall. She picked it back up and walked back to the couch where, experimentally, she pointed the remote at the television and pressed a button. The result was immediate! Almost instantly, the quiet droning noise became almost painfully loud and the screen went completely blank. The shock of the noise was enough to frighten ashlie into tumbling backwards again and she landed in a heap in front of the television. "You little brat!," she squealed, struggling to right herself. "You did that on purpose!" She began to head directly towards Chelsea with vengeance burning in her eyes and, on reflex, the frightened young girl covered her head in her arms, hands balling into fists and, in the process, pressed a good number of buttons on the remote without even realizing it. Chelsea stood trembling, waiting for a blow that never came. After a few moments, she tentatively removed her arms from over her head and glanced about the room. The living room was now completely empty, the dark interior faintly illuminated by the now dim glow of the television screen. Chelsea was totally perplexed -- there was nowhere that her babysitter could have gone in so short a time and it was all that she could do to stare blankly around her when she heard, faintly at the edge of her hearing, her name being called. After a few moments she realized it was coming from the television. She turned, stared and her eyes widened. On the screen of the television, in what appeared to be a kitchen set, was unmistakably Chelsea's babysitter ashlie. Ashlie glanced around in mute confusion before saying something that was too quiet to be made out. Obligingly, without thinking about it, ashlie pointed the remote at the television and turned the volume up. "W-what's going on? Chelsea, where are you?" Ashlie's voice came through the television receiver with perfect clarity. Not quite sure of what to make of this, Chelsea responded with the immediately obvious answer, saying, "Can you hear me, ashlie? You're in the television!" "What? Don't be ridiculous! You can't b--" ashlie was cut off, surprised by the sudden arrival of another person in the kitchen. Inside the television, she blinked blankly as a woman, a bit older than her, entered into the kitchen and moved towards the pantry, withdrawing a familiar looking box of cereal before moving over towards the cabinets to retrieve a bowl. Ashlie was dumbstruck as she watched her grab a carton of milk from the refrigerator before moving towards the counter where ashlie was standing. "When my little girls sit down to breakfast, I like to know that they're getting the nutrition they deserve," she began, pouring cereal into the bowl and turning to smile out at apparent nothingness. "That's why I choose Sugar Cubes, the choice made by responsible mothers." She poured the milk into the bowl before picking up the cereal box and hoisting it slightly, again smiling out into nothingness and striking a small pose. Chelsea was the first to catch on. Mouth agape in marvel, she exclaimed, "You're in a commercial!" Ashlie was momentarily stunned. Her mind told her that this was completely ridiculous but the impossible evidence of what was happening was all around her. Meanwhile, the woman with the cereal had turned her attention back onto ashlie. She pushed the bowl of cereal across the table, the huge grin still on her face. Ashlie found it unnerving. "Have a bowl, honey!" cheerfully enthused the woman. "Get me out of here," yelped a suddenly frightened ashlie, taking a step back. "I don't know how," whined Chelsea's voice from the ether. The woman took another step forward and ashlie took another step backwards. "Press a button, change the channel, do something!" screamed ashlie as the woman took another step forward, brandishing the cereal bowl. The woman was just a single step away when ashlie felt a horrible sense of vertigo. The world around her went dark as reality shifted and a few moments later she was leaning up against the wall, fighting away the mild mental discomfort of what had just happened. "What'd you do, Chelsea?" she groaned. "You told me to change the channel," came Chelsea petulantly, her voice seeming to come from everywhere around ashlie. The babysitter finally got a chance to glance about and examine where she was. She was in a bedroom, though it certainly wasn't her bedroom. Things seemed to be normal enough, though there was something disconcertingly familiar about it all. Even though she wasn't able to identify exactly where she was, ashlie was certain that she had seen it before. She glanced down at herself and noticed that her clothing had changed along with the reality around her. She was now in a cheerleader's uniform for a high school she didn't recognize. Again, there was the strongest sense of deja-vu. "Well, this is a little better," acknowledged ashlie grudgingly, seeing that she wasn't, for the moment, being viciously bombarded with offers for breakfast foods. "I can't help but feel like I've seen this all before... it just feels weird," she finished lamely before being struck by the oddness of all that happened. She confronted Chelsea again, glancing around before saying, "You need to figure out a way to get me out of here, Chelsea!" "What is it that you want me to do?" whined Chelsea, now seated on the couch back in the living room and watching her television curiously. "Press buttons! There has to be something on there that'll get me out!" "Fine," huffed Chelsea. She began to pick through the buttons on the remote control, leaving ashlie to impatiently begin to pace around the room. After a moment she opened her mouth to saying something, most likely another cry for help, but to her puzzlement only the faintest squeak came out of her mouth. A confused expression crossed her face and then she tried again, eliciting the same squeak. "Guess volume control isn't going to help," said Chelsea thumbing the volume back up in a tone of voice far too cheery for ashlie's liking. She angrily began chewing out her young charge when something suddenly happened to make her stop. "Listen you little brat, I don't wa--" Music had suddenly started playing. Deep, foreboding and intimidating music. Ashlie found the low tones just as familiar as everything else had struck her and her eyes suddenly widened as realization struck her. It was the horribly violent slasher movie. Before she could yell a command for Chelsea to change the channel, her door suddenly burst open. Filling the door was the most unpleasant individual she had ever seen but what stole her attention was the large and intimidating chainsaw clutched in his hands, its industrial whine completely filling ashlie's world. The horrifying figure made to advance and ashlie acted on pure adrenaline, running to the window to push it open and throw herself outside. It wasn't long before she found herself outside, running into a suitably frightening and densely-packed forest right outside the window that, to ashlie, looked horribly familiar. Thankfully, the sound of the chainsaw was beginning to die into the background to be replaced with the furious sound of her beating chest and her own panting. Ashlie finally stopped her running, bent over in a clearing and began to pant loudly in an effort to catch her breath. "C-change," gasped ashlie, fighting for breath. "C-change the channel, Chelsea!" She straightened up and glanced around, still panting. Everything was so familiar! She was getting the strongest sense of deja-vu, her memory fighting to recall the shape of the horribly violent slasher movie that she had become trapped in. "I've got to get out of here now!" "You're not going anywhere," breathed a voice nearby, deep and horrible. Ashlie's eyes widened as she turned around to see the horrible slasher, moonlight giving his twisted face wicked shadows along with glinting off of the large and terrible knife clutched in his hand. Ashlie immediately turned and began to run again but, in the very best traditions of these kinds of movies everywhere, her foot caught on an exposed tree root and she tumbled, giving a loud squeal as her body landed heavily on the ground. There was simply no time to recover. Before she could pull herself off the ground she became aware of the shadow falling over her, the violent slasher blocking out any chance of escape. Memories flooded into her mind and ashlie knew: this was the point at which the leading female, the one whose role she had stepped into, was horribly butchered. She held her hands up placatingly for all the little good it would do, whimpering. She became vaguely aware of a hot trickling between her legs and pooling underneath and became aware that, adding insult to injury, she had begun to wet herself in fright. Ashlie's eyes watched as the violent slasher began to bring his knife down with a vicious whistling sound and closed her eyes, bracing for the impact. Ashlie was aware of a sudden sense of vertigo and dizziness. The young woman was suddenly aware of another change in the world around her taking place. When she finally dared to tentatively open her eyes, a sense of relief passed over her. The forest was gone, replaced by a gently decorated room. The walls were painted a soft pink with a cloud motif on the ceiling. Across the room was an unusual looking table with drawers against its side. There was items on the table ashlie could not make out because of her angle of view. a rocking chair sat not too far from the table. The floor was made from a soft white carpet and ashlie noticed out of the corner of her eye a playpen in the corner. What was slightly disconcerting about the whole sistuation was how big everything seemed to be, it was like a room made for giants? Ashlie doubted she'd even be able to pull herself up onto the rocking chair as huge as it was. And the plush toys all seem to be giant! She smiled to herself. And turned her head to the right. Stareing down at ashlie was one of the giantiest teddy bears she had ever seen. Ahlies smile turned into a Frown as Ashlie gradually became more aware of where she herself was. she was sitting up on a soft thick cushion with large wooden bars that went straight up looming all around her, higher than she could possibly reach. As she pushed herself to her feet, finding her legs unusually wobbly, her mind filled in the blanks and she had found herself to be in a giant crib. She realized that she was in what could only possibly be a giant nursery, currently standing in what could only be the crib. At the same time, she also became aware of an unusual feeling between her legs. Ashlie glanced down. Her cheerleading uniform was gone, in its place was was a brightly colored yellow t-shirt that didn't even make it all the way down to her waist and, underneath that, hugging her hips, a thick disposable diaper, the thick padding pushing her legs apart and forcing a waddle into every movement. Across the front was a brightly colored tape with Sesame Street characters smiling brightly. Ashlie was also aware of a suspiciously warm feeling and she shyly reached down, rubbing her hand across the front of the crinkly plastic and confirmed it: the diaper front was warm to the touch. She was soaked. She felt a trickle going down the inside of her leg and realized suddenly that her wetting had gone beyond a simple soaking. Ashlie was immediately mortified. She tugged the soft pink blanket lying around her feet and pulled it up over her front, as if she could hide the bulky incriminating garment. "Chelsea, change the channel again! T-this is just as bad!" Chelsea had no such intentions. Ashlie could hear a smattering of badly-repressed giggles, the young girl back in her own living room was quite pleased to see her bratty babysitter reduced to such a position. "What's that? What did you say?" she teasingly lilted at the television screen. "What? Why yes, I do think you need a change!" Ashlie's furious blushing increased in intensity. She stomped her foot insistently into the crib mattress, a childish tantrum of a response. The diapered woman yelled, "Chelsea, I'm not kidding! When I get out of here, I'm gonna..." Chelsea never found out exactly what ashlie was going to say. She watched in delight as the view on the television suddenly panned over to the door, which opened to reveal an older woman somewhere in her late twenties. her serene expression and gently curving body radiating an expression of 'new mother'. "Is my little girl feeling fussy?" she cooed cheerfully, gliding towards the crib. Ashlie watched with wide eyes as the woman bent down and wrapped her hands around her, easily hefting her and bringing her onto her hip. Ashlie froze in place when she realized the woman's intentions when she felt the leg band of her diaper being gently pulled away and a finger inserted to check on her soggy padding. "My, my, leaking already," the woman tsked before resettling ashlie in her arms. She placed the young woman in the crook of her arm and began to drift towards the changing table, speaking aloud to the invisible television audience. "I find that most diapers just aren't enough to keep up with my active little baby," said the woman, settling ashlie on her back atop the changing table. Realization of what was about to happen struck ashlie and she began to squirm and wriggle, trying to pull herself up, but all she got was one of the giant ladys hands on her stomach, stopping her efforts to get free. Struck with the humiliating realization that Chelsea, watching with a gleeful look back in the living room, could see everything, she began to kick her legs to try to delay the inevitable and called out for help. "Chelsea, you've got to change the channel now! Please!" Ashlie watched, completely helpless as the gigantic motherly woman began to manipulate the tapes on her babyish disposable diaper, pulling back one tab and then the other. A barely restrained giggle from the ether greeted ashlie's pleas of help, followed by Chelsea's teasing voice. "Are you sure? This channel seems a lot safer than all the other ones? The only thing that you need to worry about is diaper rash!" A furious blushing spread across ashlie's face, both from the embarrassment of Chelsea's words and the fact that this commercial mother had finally pulled back the soggy disposable front of her diaper, revealing ashlie's moistened crotch to the world. There was nothing that the poor young college girl could do, squirming back and forth with in the gentle confines that the changing table. Ashlie was made to suffer the embarrassment of the gigantic woman tugging the soggied disposable diaper out from underneath her rear and tsking as she balled it up and threw it in the diaper pail placed right beside the changing table for just such a reason. Ashlie knew what was coming next, but that didn't make it any less humiliating. The woman towering over her produced a wipe and began gently but thoroughly cleaning her. Poor ashlie was mortified, unable to do anything but twist and squirm as the warm wipe was carefully and effeciently rubbed over the most intimate spots of her body. Soon, after what felt like forever to ashlie, the woman finally finished cleaning her up. She began speaking again, rummaging through one of the supply cabinets underneath the changing table as she did so. "That's why I only trust pampers Extra-Duty brand diapers, because only they can give the thick protection that my little ones deserve." Ashlie's eyes widened as the woman straightened back up, holding in her hands a babyish diaper that, if anything, looked even thicker than the one that she was just changed out of. She renewed her pleadings to Chelsea, squirming more frantically than ever. "Chelsea, please, you can't let her change me into that! I promise I'll be nice, just l--mph!" "Such a fussy one," crooned the commerical mother, having just pushed a pacifier into ashlies's open mouth. Ashlie, helpless to the whims of the commercial's reality, felt her mouth involuntarily beginning to suckle, her body beset by a sudden wave of drowsiness. She could only watch helplessly as the gigantic woman gently lifted her legs, putting her shapely rump on a momentary display before sliding the thick and babyish diaper underneath her rear. She was vaguely aware of Chelsea's giggles echoing all around her as the woman reached for a can of baby powder and applied a liberal sprinkling to ashlies's crotch before bringing the front of the diaper up between ashlies's legs and taping it into place. The diaper felt so thick! Ashlie could immediately feel her legs forced apart as the woman taped it up between her legs, frosting on the cake that was her embarrassment. She watched the ceiling intently in her humiliation, still sucking her pacifier without a thought about it and hoping that her embarrassment was, at least, at an end. She was mildly surprised when, instead of going back in the crib, the woman settled down in the rocking chair, still holding ashlie in her lap. She stroked ashlie's head and quietly remarked, "My baby seems very fussy today, doesn't she? Well, mommy knows how to fix that." Ashlie was a little confused. She certainly didn't remember this part in any commercial and she got a vague sense of foreboding. This only intensified as the woman, using the hand that wasn't supporting ashlie, began to unbutton her blouse to reveal the very heavy and ripe breast positively bursting underneath it. Ashlie began to squirm as if to try to get away as the nipple came into view but, without a second thought, the woman pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and brought ashlie closer to her chest, brushing her lips against the nipple. Compelled by the same reality-imparted urges that forced her to suckle on the pacifier without a choice, ashlie began to nurse at the gigantic mother's breast. A few seconds later warm milk began to trickle into her mouth before rolling gently down her throat, sweet to the taste and filling her tummy with warmth that immediately made her feel drowsy. At first ashlie tried to kick and squirm, completely humiliated by what her body was betraying her in doing. The lulling effect of the milk, however, combined with the mother's gentle stroking of her back and quiet humming soothed her against her will. A dozy look fell across her face and the seconds drifted into minutes, her little arms pressed hungrily against the gigantic breast as she drank her fill. Some time later, ashlie became vaguely aware of the fact that she was being lifted from her cozy spot. She felt herself being laid across something a little less comfortable, followed by a gentle but insistent patting on her back. What brought ashlie back to her senses was the babyish belch that issued from her own mouth, but Chelsea's subsequent giggling that seemed to come all around her. The girl that she had been babysitting had seen everything, and that more than anything positively crippled ashlie with embarassment. She began to open her mouth to begin her beratement, but before she knew it the pacifier was being pushed back in and her involuntary suckles began again. "My little girl feels all better, doesn't she?" crooned the woman, straightening up and patting ashlie gently on her crinkly padded rump. Ashlie, for her part, was too swept up by all that had happened to even move -- she still felt drowsy and, humiliating as it was to admit, the most pleasant warm feeling was spreading from her milk-filled tummy. She felt herself being carried over towards the playpen. She was settled down on her gently padded rump and her chin gently tickled. "You can have some fun here and Mommy will be in to check on you in a little bit, alright sweety? Be good for Mommy," soothed the gigantic woman before straightening back up and quietly exiting the nursery. Ashlie blinked drowsily. It took her a moment to recover her senses but she soon came to. She glanced around in a mild stupor before turning her eyes down at herself. She was dressed like the littlest of infants. Her mouth worked in a rote suckle, nursing on the pacifier. She was still dressed in the gentle yellow t-shirt while now, hugging her hips, was what was the thickest and most infantile baby's diaper she had ever seen, pushing her legs fiercely apart. She was vaguely aware of a pleasant tingling warmth from her tummy that was, she realized with no small amount of embarrassment, from the tummyful of milk that she had just nursed from the mother. A wave of crimson humiliation spread over ashlie's cheeks. Acutely aware of the fact that she was even now being watched by her charge, she unsteadily pulled herself to her feet, gripping the wall of the playpen for support in an attempt to muster as much dignity as she could in the babyish position that she had been put into. "C-chelsea, I know you're there! Listen to me or else! I-If you don't get me out of here right now, you're going to rue the day you were born!" Sure enough, Chelsea's tinkling giggle answered her. At this point, the young girl was stretched happily across the couch, pleased with the show that unfolded in front of her. She mischeviously replied, "Are you sure, Mrs. Ashlie? I think your mommy said she wanted you to stay right there." Ashlie's blush intensified. The bratty young woman's temper flared in reaction to the humiliation and embarrassment that she had endured and she suddenly snapped, yelling, "Listen, you little brat! You take orders from me! I knew that you were a horrible little girl from the moment that I saw you and when I get out of here I am personally going to make sure that you're spanked so hard that you won't be able to sit down for a month! Furthermore, I... f-furthermore..." Ashlie was aware of an unfamiliar rumbling feeling from her tummy. She shifted slightly, gripping the side of the playpen for more support, blinking. Before she could realize what was happening, the inevitable started to occur. Ashlie's legs bent at the knees as she began forcing the contents of her bowels into her diaper. There was not a thing that she could do to resist the reality imposed on her by the commercial and it was all she could do to stifle the tiny grunts as the seat of her diaper expanded considerably to accomodate the warm mushy mess. It was over relatively quickly. Lauren was positively agape with shock and humiliation, fully aware of the way that her legs were pushed even further apart by the mess that was now hanging between her legs. She made an attempt to shift her weight from one foot to the other as if to find the position that would afford her the least contact with the humiliating lump in her diaper and, to add insult and injury, she accidently overbalanced. With a squeal, she toppled, landing full on her messy diaper seat and becoming intimately familiar with it. Ashlie became aware of Chelsea's mocking laugher all around her. Her temper flared and briefly threatened to drown out her embarrassment, but before she could, the young girl had already began to speak. "Little brat? At least I'm not the one who just messed her diaper and is sitting in a nursery about to cry for her mommy! You're the jerk here and if you're just going to yell at me, you can just stay in diapers forever!" Ashlie was stunned. It was all that she could do to blink, confronted by the sudden temper of her babysitting charge. She blinked several times in rapid succession and had just begin to open her mouth to yell back a reply when she became aware of an odd feeling. Things seemed to pause in a split second before resuming again and one of the oddest feelings that she had ever felt washed over her. When she had finally regained control of her senses, she felt oddly alone. Ashlie blinked, trying to fathom what had just happened, when she realized what it was. The link with Chelsea had been severed and it was just her in this nursery now. Curiously, this struck ashlie as a much more horrible thing than having her here to see everything and a suddenly urgent and upset feeling overtook her. Without knowing exactly why, the messy-diapered young woman burst into tears. It wasn't long at all before the gigantic mother was soon back inside the nursery. She moved immediately over to ashlie and hefted her gently in her arms. She began rubbing the young woman's back, bouncing her gently in her arms and saying, "Sweety! Sweety! What's wrong?" The smell from Lauren's mushy diaper hit her nose then and she knew. Still trying to soothe her crying baby, she gently carried ashlie over towards the changing table and laid her back down atop it, though ashlie hadn't stopped crying in the least. She would have a chance to get used to it, of course. She would continue to have her diapers changed by her mommy for a very very long time. Elsewhere, in another dimension, Chelsea glanced with curiosity at the video tape that was in her hands, fresh from the VCR. She hadn't been entirely sure what would happen when she pressed the RECORD button on the remote control, but her intuition has turned out to be right. She was very pleased. She hadn't liked her babysitter from the start. Later, when her parents came home, they would be surprised and confused to find their daughter sleeping quietly in her bed, apparently having gone to sleep of her own violition. Of ashlie, there was no clue as to where she was. When woken up and pressed for answers, Chelsea was only able to shrug her shoulders and say that ashlie had decided to leave and had never come back. No trace of her was ever found.

lets make this site awsome

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ok i know ive been gone awhile, but now im back. im sorry for that. i would like to kick start this website back up like frankstien. I'm always looking for new storys along the lines of shrunken women and age regression. plus any art and photos would help out dearly. since there really is no other webite that deals with maternal giantess wants and needs, lets make this the spot. if there is anyone who wants to help run this, let me know. other then that if you got any art or ideas you wish to send me please email me at

ok, sorry ive left you all hanging!

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Ok i would like to say sorry ive been away so long. Well now im back and looking for some new writers and artist. There is no good maternal giantess websites. This one is pretty much the only one around. I want to make it better and a place for those of people who love shrunken women in diapers! I hope to have some new photos up soon as well storys. Anyone wish to help out simply email me at

gift gone way wrong

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                                              Gift gone way wrong.
                                     Written by

    Gifts come in many forms. Be it a present from a loved one on a special day, or just a lesson learned over time. They come in many shapes and sizes. But what is to happen when you were given a gift, one present, and it was something you regretted.

Mia walked into the antique shop, looking for something special to give her daughter for her 18th birthday. It had to be perfect for her little britny. Nothing but the best was mia’s view on life. And when it came to her daughter, the best is what britny got. Mia ran her finger down the counter top as she looked inside the display case. She walked around the corner and looked at some old vintage clothes that were hung on an old 1950’s coat rack. She moved on to another display case and right away focused on an old perfume bottle. It was made of crystal and had a really nice pattern etched into the glass. Mia waved to the counter man for help. He slowly stood up and began walking over. He got to the display case and MIA pointed to the bottle of perfume, “I must have this bottle sir,” she said in an egger voice. He reached into the case and looked at the bottom of the perfume for a price tag. He looked for a sec, and then looked to the lady in front of him. “It will be 20 dollars miss.” She opened her purse and pulled out a crisp 20-dollar bill, and handed it to the man at the counter. He handed over the bottle after grabbing the cash and cramming it into his pocket. Mia looked it over, and seen it was still half full. What a wonder full present she thought to herself. She made room in her purse and fit the bottle snugly into it. She smiled to the guy and told him to have a good day, as she walked out of the store.

Britny sat in her room at a very fancy pink vanity desk. She was powdering her face and making kissing faces into one of the 4 mirrors. She loved doing her makeup in this fashion. It was not only fun but also she got the job done in no time. She sat there putting on lipstick when she heard a knock at the door. She yelled enter as she paused from doing her lipstick. She seen her mom walk into the bedroom and britny went back to doing her lipstick. “Hey baby? I got you something!” MIA said as she pulled out a small red and white-stripped box. Britny turned around and grabbed at the box. She said thank you as she began to open the box up. She reached in and pulled out the bottle of perfume. “Oh my god, its so cute!” britny said as she looked it over. Mia smiled and was happy in the fact that such a gift brought britny happiness. Britny pointed the tip to her neck and gave a big spray. The smell was nice but it made her skin feel funny. She figured it might just be because it was old, that’s why it felt funny. She smiled at her mother and said thanks as she got up for a hug. Mia smiled and said her goodbyes before leaving the bedroom. Britny took another perfume and sprayed the same spot. It made the feeling worse. Her stomach felt like it was getting tighter and her skin was shrinking. She stood up and tried to walk it off some but she caught a glimpse at herself in the mirror and felt something was wrong. Her clothes seem to be a little loose and she felt just a tad shorter. She was watching her self in the mirror and her jaw dropped in horror as she was watching herself shrink. An inch turned to two inch’s and then to three inch’s. She was in utter shock and finally let out a breath as it felt like she stopped shrinking. Her clothes were nowhere close to fitting the way they did 20 minutes prior to this moment. She stood straight up and gasped at the sight of her being three inch’s shorter now. She held onto her pants waist as she paced back and forth in her room, stressing on the fact that people were going to notice. She pulled herself together and walked over to her closet. She began to dig in the very back for a black duffel bag she had put there a long time ago. She knew there were clothes from when she was younger in it. She pulled up some blankets and seen the corner of the bag. Yes she said out loud as she pulled the whole thing into the bedroom. She got to the end of the bed and let go of the bag. She looked around and now everything seem to be bigger then it was before. She ran to the mirror and looked at herself again. She had shrunk again, this time almost a foot shorter. She shook her head and decided it was time to get help. She didn’t want to waste away to a tiny speck. She opens the duffle bag and started pulling clothes out. She had to find something that fit well enough not to fall off. The options were getting slim for britny and she got to the clothes towards the bottom of the bag and found these were what she was going to have to choose from. She laid out the few pairs of clothes on the bed and looked them over. She had an old yellow Easter dress that was full of ruffles, pink overalls that were shorts on the bottom half, and a yellow shirt with a picture of my little pony on it. Small white cotton undies, a training bra, 2 pairs of socks and one pair of Mary Jane shoes. She shook her head in grief. Britny thought to herself about how she was going to look, then shivered a little when she thought of looking so childish. She picked up the training bra and slipped it over her head. It didn’t fit right and made her c cups look smaller then what they were, but she needed the bra. Next she grabbed the little cotton undies, she slipped them on and pulled them to her waistline. She looked down at them and didn’t like there fit. She looked up to the clothes on her bed. Not a lot of options she said to herself. She picked up the yellow shirt and slipped it on. It fit perfect. She then snatched up the pink overall shorts. This was going to be really embarrassing she thought to herself as she stepped into the leg holes and pulled them up. She buttons the shoulder straps into place and adjusted the whole one piece out fit. She turned to the mirror and shook her head in disbelief. “God I look like a kid again” she said to herself. Now its time to go get help she said.

Britny went to her bedroom door and the doorknob was level with her shoulders. She pulled the door open and stuck her head out into the hallway. She looked left, and then looked right. Slowly she walked out and made her way into the living room. Her mom was sitting in a chair reading a book when britny walked into the living room. Mia looked up then back to her book, it took a sec but she looked back up and then jumped out of her seat. “Oh my god! What happen to you!” MIA said as she ran to britny. Mia paused for a sec in front of britny and then reached down and picked britny up as if she was a child. “Mom! I don’t know what happen, but I started shrinking” britny said as she was placed on mia’s hip. Mia bounced britny on her hip and said, “Are you ok?”  Britny looked up to MIA and said” what do you think mom! I’m a little girl again!”  Mia stopped bouncing britny on her hip and looked to the clock. “Do you think you stopped shrinking?”  Britny in an unsure voice said “I…I.. I. Think so?” MIA walked to the phone and grabbed her personal phone numbers. “What are you doing?” britny said in a concern voice. Mia flipped through a couple pages then spoke “im calling my friend, he’s a doctor and will come over to the house.”  Mia dialed a number and waited a sec then began talking to her friend. After a small explanation she hung up. “Well he’s coming over to take some blood, then he’s going to find a cure if he can, Hun.” Britny lowered her head at hearing that. This was not going to be fun. Doctor Allen came over, and did the entire test he was going to need for diagnosing the problem. I took an hour and britny already felt humiliated. Allen said the test would come back in, in a couple of days. He went to the door and left the house with hopes of finding a cure.

Mia let some time pass after Allen left, and then asked britny if she need anything. Britny smiled in a fake manner and said “my insides are hurting a little, could you get me an aspirin?” MIA nodded yes then stood up. Britny looked at her mom who now seems to be a giant. Mia looked down at her little girl and said, “ I will be right back.” Britny went about looking at the TV when she felt warmness on her leg. She looked down and jumped up as she realized she had wet herself. She looked over her shoulder to see if her mom was there and the coast was clear. No one behind her. She looked back down to her crotch and then moved off of the couch. She looked to the hall again, and then made a dash to the kitchen door. She made it. Britny ran to the hand towels and pulled one off of the rack. She began to pat herself dry and that’s when she heard her mother’s voice. Britny froze and turned her head to look. Mia was standing behind her. “What are you doing britny?” MIA said as she moved her head over to sneak a peek. “Mom! I” is all britny got out before her mom spoke out in surprise “did you wet yourself!” britny turned to hide the spot but didn’t realize the back of the pink overall shorts were soaked as well. “Britny!” MIA said as she patted the wet spot. Britny turned to face her mom then she tossed up her arms and said, “I wet myself mom. There, you happy?” MIA shook her head in disappointment and bent over and putts her left arm under britnys small butt. She lifted her up off of the ground. “Well pumpkin, sherry left some things behind when she was here last week and there up your alley.” mia said as she walk to the closet in the hall, still holding britny on her arm. Britny looked confused as she made it to the door “what stuff mom?” she said. Mia reached for the door handle and was saying “a bag, and a walker” as she pulled it open. Britny watched her reach up to the top shelf and that’s where she seen the “ bag” was a diaper bag. Mia put it on her opposite shoulder then reached down and pulled the walker out. She gave it a good push down the hall and it stopped at the back of the couch in the living room. “Wait? Mom you don’t got to do this!” britny said as MIA walked to the couch with her in arms. Mia laid the bag down on the ground and britny was laid on her back on the couch. Mia got onto her knees and britny started to lean up as MIA worked the straps off of the overalls. “Mom!” britny said and MIA hushed her then began to take the overalls off. She slid them down her feet and off of her legs. She looked to the diaper bag and pulled out a medium changing pad. With her one hand MIA grabbed britny by the ankles and lifted britnys backside off of the couch. She slid the changing pad under britny and lowered britny onto it. “Sorry honey, I didn’t want the couch to get any more wet,” MIA said as she slid her fingers into the waistline of the small white cotton panties. Britny reached up and tried to grab them but MIA pulled them down her legs and tossed them to the ground. She pushed down on britnys stomach to hold her in place and reached into the diaper bag. She pulled out a wet wipe and the hand that was holding britny in place snatched her feet back up. Mia brought britnys feet up high enough so she could wipe britnys crotch clean. Britny closed her eyes and began to cry. It was over as soon as it started and next britny felt her mom grab something else. She opens her eyes wide enough to see her mom was shaking baby powder onto her privet area. Britny remembered that smell. Mia set the powder down and began humming a tune as she reached into the diaper bag again. Britny tried to wiggle loose as MIA pulled out a still folded pampers diaper. “Stay still britny” MIA said as she unfolded the diaper a little and slid it under britnys butt. She lowered britny just a little enough to put some weight on the backside of the diaper. She unfolded the wings out and lowered britny the rest of the way. Mia pulled the front wings open and pulled the diaper up between britnys legs and stopped at her belly. She pulled the back wing up on the right side and fastens the front tab to it. Closing the right side of the diaper. She then pulled the back left wing up and locked the front left tab to it. Britny was crying, in tears saying, “This is not fair” MIA picked her up by the arms into a standing position. “Not fair? You just wet on my 2000 dollar couch.” She let britny stand as MIA put away the stuff into the diaper bag. She then picked britny up and moved to the back of the couch. Britny was crying so hard she didn’t realize MIA had slipped her into the baby walker.    

                                To be continued…

poor alice

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                                    Poor Alice

    It had been five years since Alice went to Russia with green peace. While she was there she went with a small group to see an old nuclear power plant that had melted down ten years before. While passing the old run down gates she slipped into a puddle of muck. It splashed up onto her chest and face. She thought nothing of it as she wiped it off and made her way to the reactor. They spent a short time looking around at the empty desk that were all broken up and full of rust. It was on the way to the van to leave when it started to rain. One of the other women from the crew yelled out “acid rain!” every one took off as fast as they could to the van. As Alice began to get soaked she felt her whole body start to tingle. It got worse as the rain in gulfed her. The van seemed to be miles away but was shortly reached in a matter of seconds. Everyone began to laugh as the piled in the big side door but quickly stooped when they heard Alice freaking out. “It tingles!” she began to yell as the others gasped. Right before there eyes they watched their friend and co-worker start to shrink. Alice was crying to hard to notice that she stopped shrinking in a matter of 20 minutes. “Ssshhhhhhhh…sssshhhhh..Shhh” her friend for years, Kelly, began to say as she picked Alice up. Alice was crying on Kelly’s her shoulders when she opened her eyes. That’s when shock kicked in. Alice was screaming and yelling to get loose, and when Kelly let Alice go, she recoiled in horror on the van seat. Every one leaned over to get a look, and then Kelly said “Alice! You’re the size of a baby!” Alice stood up and looked down before saying, “oh shit”
    It had been five years later and Alice still was getting use to the world being a big new size. All the things Alice was able to do were now a task. Her mother tried to help her out the best she could by getting stepping stools and a Childs potty since she couldn’t fit on the toilet. But nothing was ever going to be the same. Alice couldn’t drive anymore and since she was so short she had to sit in a rear facing car seat. She couldn’t sit in a normal seat and when they went out to eat she had to sit in a high chair. Her mother would stick her in the baby seat on the shopping cart when they went to the store. The world was not meant for an adult of that size. Alice never was really happy any more, not like she was five years ago. It was mid day on a Sunday when alices mom Leslie said they were going to bbq. Alice went to her room and put on a nice shirt and pair of pants for the day. She looked her self over and thought the dress was too cute. That’s when her mother yelled for her. It was same as the last five years; her mom picked her up and placed Alice on her hip like a small child. She made her way to the car that was parked in the driveway. She opened the back door and carefully slipped Alice into the car seat. Leslie began to pull alices arms through the harness before locking the two half’s together. She then would pull down on the harness and lock the bottom into the crotch lock. It was now time to go.
    It was a short speechless drive but as Alice was pulled out of her seat by her mother she seen where they were. It was her aunt jen’s house. Leslie began to tell Alice as they walked in the front door “all the men went camping, so were going to bar-bee-q with the girls”. Alice didn’t say anything as they made there way down the hall and to the kitchen. But was quick to say hi when she seen her two aunt’s. Jen was not her favorite aunt. She was a loud mouth and a drunk at the same time. So it was the same old thing every time Alice was over. Jen would get drunk and make fun of her. The other aunt was Kelly. Kelly was a follower and went along with jen. But the one thing that Kelly did that made her better then jen was, Kelly would slip her drinks when she was drunk. “Where’s the girls?” asked Leslie as she set Alice on a barstool. “There playing with their dolls in the back room. I had to go buy them some new clothes, 45 dollars for doll clothes!” said jen as she made Leslie a drink. Kelly nodded her head up and down. The ladies were drinking and catching up on old times, with in that time they all finished 4 strong drinks. Alice was flipping through a magazine when jen started to act up. She picked Alice off the bar stool and placed her on her wide hip. “Hey” Alice said as she was bounced up and down in soft jerks. Jen walked over to the sink to grab her drink. She took a sip and out of the corner of her eye seen a small puddle of water on the counter. She pulled the glass down and looked to Alice “im going to set you on the counter honey” jen waited for Alice to say ok before setting her down on top of the puddle. “Oh my god!” Alice said as she jumped to her feet. Jen laughed and said she didn’t even see the puddle. Leslie feeling pretty good said, “ chill out Alice”. Jen laughed and Alice asked, “What’s so funny!” jen pointed and said, “ It looks like you peed your pants!” Alice looked down and it did. Jen pulled Alice from the counter and set her on the ground. “Look what you did jen” Alice said as she pulled at her butt to see. Jen leaned on the counter “want me to get you cleaned up Alice?” she was busy patting at the back of her pants but found the time to look up and say “yeah!” Jen laughed out loud and looked to her sisters who were watching the commotion. “Hey Brooke! Heather! Come here now!” yelled jen down the hallway. A couple seconds’ later Jens two daughters came into the kitchen. Both were taller then Alice and they were 7 years old. “What mommy?” asked Brooke? Jen pointed to Alice and said, “Look at Alice Brooke! She had an accident!” the whole time Alice kept looking back and forth to her aunt and back to her niece. It was if Alice had no say in anything that was about to happen. “What are you doing?” Alice said to jen who was now sipping from her rum and coke. Brooke started to tell heather to look at Alice’s wet crotch. Jen laughed out loud and said in a grin“ Brooke, does your new baby doll wet her pants?” Brooke grabbed on to Alice’s upper arm and said “my baby wets mommy?”  Alice moved back a little as Brooke pulled at the back of her pants. Jen laughed at the site of Alice being pulled up into her daughter’s arms like some rag doll. Brooke pulled Alice into the air with one arm and began to lift the backside of Alice’s jeans. “Mommy! Alice is wet!” Brooke said in the most happiness of tones. Leslie spoke to Brooke “is Alice a baby Brooke?” Brooke shook her head up and down as to say yes. Alice began to kick because she did not like where this was going. Kelly from the back of the room yelled out to Brooke “DOES THE BABY NEED A DIAPER!” Brooke jumped with the thought that Alice was someone she was going to get to take care of, or even play with. “Lets go to my room Alice!” Brooke said as she started to turn to the hallway. Alice began to kick her feet and arms in a despite fight to get away from this. “What’s wrong with you?” Alice said as she was being carried to the hallway. “Play nice!” jen said as she waved her goodbyes to the girls. Alice could see jen and Leslie fade away as Brooke made her way down the hall. “ Let me go?” asked Alice. Brooke stopped to adjust Alice to a better spot. Alice used this to break free and she took this chance to run away. She made it just back into the kitchen doorway and stopped. She looked at jen and shook her fist “what the hell are you doing to me!” she said. Jen looked down to Alice, then sneaking up behind her was Brooke. Alice unaware she was coming stood in the doorway. But soon she was scooped up and tossed over brooks big shoulder. Heather ran up at that time and started hitting Alice in the butt, yelling “your in big trouble baby!” Alice yet out a scream for help as she was carried out like some brat kid. Jen turned to Leslie and said, “This is going to be fun!” Leslie took a sip from her drink then said “Alice will be ok, what’s the worse those girls can do to her?” jen smiled and rocked her head side to side with a little grin.
    Alice was fighting and screaming for her life as Brooke laid her out on a doll size changing station. It was pink with a soft vinyl-changing pad on top. The little yellow toy baskets hooked to the side, held all of the fears Alice knew lurked around changing pads and diaper stations. Heather began to work on Alice’s shoes, but as Alice leaned up to stop her it worked for Brooke to pull her shirt up over her head and off her arms. By this blocking her sight heather was able to pull Alice’s shoe right off without any trouble. The real battle began when Brooke reached down and started to work at the button an Alice’s jeans. She felt heather give a little tug to see if they would slide right off. Alice began to swat like a wild animal in attempt to fight off Brooke. It was working to well cause Brooke reached one arm around Alice and lifted her torso up a couple inches. Heather began to tug and pull as hard as she could at Alice’s pants. Alice reached down to try to grab her belt loop but the pants were already down to far on her hips. She stretched as hard as she could to get them but let out a great big sigh as her pants were pulled of her legs and feet. Brooke laid Alice on her back and reached to the top yellow rack. She was reaching for a small pack of diapers. It was dark green and purple. Alice began to kick when she seen the pampers logo. This was really going to happen she said to herself as she tried to scoot back some. Brooke pulled a diaper out of the bag, and began to slide it under Alice. She lifted Alice by her legs and unfolded the diaper open with her other hand. Alice cringed as Brooke lowered her onto the middle. She then reached back to the rack and grabbed the baby powder. The cloud was thick and Alice coughed in the thick of the mist. It didn’t take long but Brooke pulled the diaper up between Alice legs and fastens the tabs to together, locking Alice into the diaper. Alice began to cry as heather pulled out an onsie. They forced her head and arms into the topside then pulled the front and back together at the crotch. Locking the buttons together. Alice began to cry and Brooke pulled her up to her shoulder, holding Alice up by the padded rear with one arm, Brooke rubbed Alice’s back, saying, “ssshhhhh…ssssshhhh..Shhhh” it was not long before Alice came to terms with what was going on.       To be continued…


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Karen had been enjoying the fair, the fact that it was
perfect outside made it even better.  She had just
finished her giant coke when she started to walk
around the midway.  The crowd was too much and she
really wanted to get away for a few minutes.  When she
emerged around the back of the booths she saw that
there was no one around.  Which was odd because there
where rides set up back there.

She thought that maybe these rides where broke, that
they where just storing them back here.  Then she saw
that carnies where standing at each ride.  The first
one was what looked like a fun house.  The standard
one made from truck trailers.  She walked up to the
ride and saw a smile appear on the face of the
middle-aged woman that was barking the ride.  

The smile got bigger as she spoke. “I see I have a
new victim for the house of age.”   Karen just smiled
at her.  

“The house of age?  What, does it show me?  What
I’ll look like in 20 years?”

“O no, this house gives you a different perspective
than what you’re used to.  I bet you are a baby
sitter right?  Ever baby sit a child that is going
through potty training?”

Karen nodded her head and listened to the rest of her
speech.  So this would let older children experience
what being a young child was like.  She agreed to try
the ride out.  And was surprised when she was told
that she could use it free since she had been the only
one in days to try it out.  

She walked up to the multi colored door and slowly
pushed it open, the room beyond was dark and
soundless.   She stepped inside and let the door close
behind her.  As soon as it latched closed the lights
in the room came on and she found herself in what
appeared to be a living room.  But everything was
huge.  She felt like she was only three feet tall.
She walked around the room for awhile and tried to see
if there were any mirrors.  She found one but when she
looked in it she looked out of place.  She realized
her clothes where not what a small child would wear.

Karen thought that if she had some of her raving
clothes on she would look awesome in this room.  She
tired of looking through the room and walked down the
hall a bit. She entered what appeared to be a utility
room. With stacks of cleaned and dirty clothes in it.
She saw that the piles where different sizes and found
one that would fit her.  She quickly dumped the pile
over and searched through it.  She found a cute shirt
and a pair of pink overalls that looked very cute.
Along with some bright orange socks.  She quickly
pulled off her own clothes and pulled everything else
on.  Then sporting her new look she back tracked to
the first room and looked in the mirror again.  Now
she looked perfect.  She felt like a toddler.  Her
hair even looked good, she always had shorter hair and
now it made her look like she fit in perfect.

After staring in the mirror a while, Karen decided to
continue on.  She walked past the utility room and
came to another. It looked like a parent's bedroom.
The bed seemed huge from this standpoint.  She tried
to get up on it but as she lifted her feet she felt
her bladder ache.  The giant drink had caught up with
her.  Now she needed to find a toilet.  Back down the
hall she went, she found one last door, but this one
lead not to a bathroom.  But a nursery.  She Quickly
searched the room and found that the only thing she
could use in it was a child’s potty.  She blushed as
she thought about sitting down on it and using it.
Then she blushed even more at the thought of peeing
her pants.  She pulled her overalls off, fumbling a
bit with the weird snaps and kicked her panties off.
Then she sat down on the plastic seat of the potty.  

It felt very weird to her.  Sitting on the seat and
listening to the sound of her pee hitting the thin
plastic bowl, she had heard it many times
baby-sitting.  But now it was her making the noise.
She didn’t finish her pee.  She just went enough to
stop her bladder from hurting.  She may be in this
weird house.  But she would finish in a proper
bathroom.  She got up and looked for paper to wipe
with, and found a huge roll next to her.  Carefully
she ripped off a piece and cleaned up.  Now she
started to look for her undies, she thought they had
landed over by the crib but she could not find them.

After several minutes she realized she was out of
luck.   She stared at the changing table.  She could
see there were piles of diapers and a pile of what
appeared to be training pants.  Well she wasn’t going
to wear diapers, but the pull-ups wouldn’t be so bad.
No one would know.  Karen picked one up and looked at
it.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but were had they found
such large pull-ups?  She wasn’t in the mood to care
so she slipped them on up over her legs and pulled
them snug against her body.  She saw a mirror on the
wall and walked up to it.  She modeled her new look
and turned this way and that.  She walked back into
the first room and sat down on the floor.  It was then
that she saw a button that she had missed the first

The label above it told her that if she wanted to know
the full experience she could push it to start, and
when she was done she could push it to end.  Karen was
very interested.  She reached over and pushed the
button.  There was a slight whir and then a panel in
the wall opened and a woman walked out.  Karen was
stunned, this lady was 9 feet high.  Then she noticed
that while this woman looked alive she was some kind
of robot.  But a very a good one.  Karen smiled as the
robot walked over and looked down at her.

“Hello sweetie, do you need to potty?  Let me check
your pants.”

Karen was surprised when she was lifted to her feet
and the back of her pull-ups was pulled away.  

“Ok, sweetie, you’re still dry.  Tell me when you
need to potty ok?”

Karen smiled, she was set back down and the tv was
turned on for her. She watched it for a few minutes
and felt the need to pee again, it wasn’t that bad
but she wondered what it would be like to have her
pull ups changed by the woman.  Slowly she squatted on
the floor and relaxed, it was hard, but she soon felt
a warm trickle of pee.  The pull up was getting warmer
and wetter when the woman came back in and found her.

“I see you went pee pee and didn’t tell mommy eh?”
Karen was amazed by how real the giant seemed.  Her
look of aggravation made Karen feel ashamed.

“Well I guess I’ll have to fix you up now.  Lets go
get you changed.”

Karen was lead into the nursery and had her trainers
ripped off while she stood up, the only thing was she
was still peeing.

“O honey, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were still
going.  The robot held the pull up under her as she
finished.”  Karen hadn’t realized she was still
peeing, but then that must have been what that weird
tickle was.  She was glad to be done, and was ready to
get dressed and get out.

But now she felt another problem, she needed to poop.
And it felt like she didn’t have much time.  She
tried to tell the robot that, but as her mouth opened
a pacifier was stuck in it.  

“I don’t want to hear any crying from you.  I think
we need to wait alittle longer too potty train you. So
I guess its back to diapers for awhile.”  

Karen was freaked out she didn’t want to be naked but
she sure didn’t want to wear diapers.   That would be
so embarrassing, but she was already in the air and
being lifted towards the changing table.  As she was
laid down on it she felt a strap pulled over her that
trapped her arms at her sides, and held her strongly
to the table.  She farted, and for a second thought
she had pooped.  But she didn’t care she wanted up
and out.  As she struggled against the strap she was
cleaned and a fresh diaper was taped on.  It felt so
thick to Karen she didn’t think she could walk right.

“There now little one, everything will be ok.  Here I
know what will make you feel better.”  Karen was
released from the table, but she found herself held
tightly against the large womans chest.  Then she
started to open her top.  A large breast was released,
just as the pacifier was removed from her mouth her
head was pushed against it.  Karen tried to fight but
she was over powered.  As soon as her lips touched,
milk begin to fill her mouth.  And she found she
either swallowed or choked.  

As Karen sucked she felt her need to poop get worse,
faster and faster she felt herself lose control.  To
her horror she felt her body push a large load into
her diaper.   Karen looked up at what she was starting
to see as her nanny and wondered if she could tell.
That’s when the smell hit.  She buried her nose to
the breast as she tried to hide from her own filth,
but that would be impossible.  

“Oh!  I bet I know a certain baby that needs fresh
pants!”  Karen blushed but kept her eyes closed.
Even as she was pulled from the nipple, and placed
back on the table.

She hid her face with her arm, but could not stop the
sound of Nanny’s voice.  

“Well honey, pooping while you eat? Toddlers don’t
even do that.  You aren’t even a little girl.
You’re just some big infant that needs her mommy.  So
I guess we can use the thicker diapers since you
don’t need to walk anymore.”

Karen didn’t even struggle as the diaper was taken
off her and her bottom was wiped. The smell was
horrible, and she almost gagged.  She just tightly
closed her eyes and waited for the worst to be over.  
The nanny quickly cleaned her and taped a new diaper
on.  The new diaper seemed so thick that she could not
close her legs.   Karen was lifted up and set down in
a playpen by the tv, and a new show was turned on.  It
was the teletubies.  She always hated that show, but
now she couldn’t get her eyes off it.

Even as she watched she struggled to get out of the
diapers.  But it seemed she could barely control her
arms now.  And as more time went by she found it
harder and harder to think straight.  She would see
the TV and stare at it for several minutes, lost in an
infant's world.  Then suddenly snap back to reality.
After an hour she snapped back to find her diaper was
very wet.  At this she started to cry, she couldn’t
stop if she wanted to. Her eyes watered and drool
started to roll down her mouth.  She started to suck
on her fingers as she cried for someone to change her

She dropped down onto her back and spread her legs.
That’s when she saw one of the lights in the ceiling.
She just stared at it, lost in how nice it looked.
She stopped her crying and just stared at it.   Karen
was entranced by the light.  She tried to grab for it,
but her hands only waved uselessly around her.  Then
She heard something and turned her head towards it.  

It was her nanny.  Karen tried to tell her she wanted
out of the house and out of this game.  But her mouth
didn’t cooperate at all.  Then the nanny said
something, it sounded nice and made Karen smile, she
was still smiling as she was lifted out of the playpen
and set back down on the floor.  Nanny said something
else, it sounded kinda funny and Karen giggled.  She
couldn’t help herself.  Then Karen stopped shocked.
Was nanny still speaking english?  She listened
carefully when the nanny spoke again, motioned towards
her soaked diaper.  It sounded like a question.  But
Karen didn’t understand it.  

That’s when it hit her, she couldn’t understand
english anymore!  She really was becoming a baby
again.  Even worse, she was becoming some stupid
little infant.  Karen lay still as she felt her diaper
changed.  She was still blushing but she had stopped
babbling.  Nanny finished by leaving her in just a
diaper and nothing else.  She said something that
sounded very stern and carried Karen to another new
room.  It was just a regular bedroom.  With a large
crib next to one wall.  And a normal bed at the other

Karen saw buttons one on each side of the room.  She
knew exactly what she had to do, or at least she
hoped.  She crawled slowly towards the button by the
regular bed, there was a sign next to the button but
she couldn’t read it.  She sat down heavily on her
diapered butt, and tried to think about her options.
This house was made to be tricky.  She didn’t want to
stay a baby any longer.  Maybe this was some kind of
trick?  She looked at the sign and saw that there was
alot of writing on it.  She glanced back at the other
button and saw there was only a few words on it.

 Karen decided that this was a trick, obviously she
needed to pick the other button.  She crawled towards
the crib slowly, she now listened to the noises she
made.  She was grunting and cooing and she could hear
her diaper crinkling.  She could smell that she had
wet again.    But she didn’t care she was about to be
out of this stupid place.  Just as she reached the
other end a shadow fell over her.  She turned her head
to see the nanny looking down at her.  

“ Do you really want that?”  She asked in perfect

Karen didn’t even reply she just nodded and pushed
the button.  She sat back down and waited for the game
to be over.  But nothing seemed to be happening.
Karen looked back up at the nanny and saw that she was

“ Well I guess my baby doesn’t want to be here any
more. “  Karen smiled as she heard this.  Her butt
felt weird as she tried to stand, she felt better but
she still had trouble.  She was surprised when the
nanny helped her to her feet.  

“ Time for you to go sweetie, I hope you had fun, I
bet you’ll come back soon.” The look in her eyes
made Karen shake.  She waddled towards the front door,
the thick diaper made it very hard to walk but she
didn’t care she wanted out.  She could feel the robot
walking behind her making cute little comments on how
she looked.  Karen could finally see the door, she
pushed against it and emerged into daylight.

Back on the street see leaned against the side of the
ride.  She put her hands to her head and looked
around, the area was still very deserted, she started
to walk towards her home but stopped.  She had no
shoes on.  Then she had another even worse shock, she
was naked except for her diaper.  She looked down at
the babyish thing and saw that it was soaked.
Actually it was hanging from her hips. She was still
looking at it when a hand touched her shoulder, she
spun around to see a police officer standing behind

“ And what do we have here?  A big baby?”

Karen cringed, she was embarrassed and her body turned
bright pink to show it.

The officer seemed to look her over again before
talking into his radio.  At first he was very quiet
but then he almost yelled. “ No, I don’t think this
is a prank, she has nothing on but a full diaper and a
dumb grin.”

Karen got mad at that and tried to tell the cop what
was wrong.  But her mouth wouldn’t work, she just
babbled like an infant.  Karen started to wildly
gesture with her hands, she waved her hands back and
forth in front of her, then pointed at herself.  She
felt that she was drooling again, and tryed to wipe
her face off.  But she just made an even bigger mess
of herself.  She felt like crying but felt it back.

The officer saw this and came towards her.  Slowly he
hugged her and told her everything would be alright.
When he said this Karen started to cry.  He walked her
towards his car and opened the back door.  

“ Get in there Sweetie, then ddfkh ejhsush jshdej.”
She stopped and looked at him.  He said what sounded
like the same thing again.  

“ I’m getting dumb again!”  Karen thought.  She
knew she had to get back inside the house of age.  She
turned and pulled away from the cop, then she waddled
towards the steps to the House of age.  The barker was
no longer there, she hoped the door would still open.
She was ten feet away when she found it hard to move
her legs right.  She was concentrating hard, trying
not to trip on her own feet.  Soon she found it hard
to stay upright.

She tried to stay up, she waved her arms and bobbed
back and forth but in the end she fell down and
started to cry.  She was crying when the medics showed
up, and she was crying when her parents finally took
her home.

As she lay down in the back seat of her parents car,
she prayed that she would get better.  She didn't want
to be stuck like this.  It was a pled that she would
never be able to tell anyone.

a small adition ch 5

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Lisa felt a tug on her pants leg. She looked down and saw Rebecca at her feet, looking up at her.

"Ummm…I’m thirsty", Rebecca said, "Can I have something to drink, please?"

"Sure!", Lisa smiled, "You wait right here. I’ll be right back."

Rebecca forced a smile as she watched Lisa leave the room, all the while taking short backward steps toward the front door. With Lisa in the kitchen, Rebecca dropped all pretenses and ran for the front door. She stood on her tippy-toes, desperately trying to turn the over-sized door knob. Rebecca looked over her shoulder as she struggled with the door knob, knowing that Lisa could return at any moment.

Rebecca clinched her teeth and jumped up, hanging briefly from the door knob, her tiny hands unable to hold on for more than a few seconds. Eyes tearing in frustration, she jumped again, clinging to the door knob, her feet making soft scuffling sounds against the door as she tried to maintain her grip. She whimpered softly, looking up at her target as she again lost her grip on the door knob and slipped back onto the floor.

She crouched on the floor, preparing for another jump at the door when she is suddenly grabbed by the arm.

Rebecca squeals as she feels her feet leave the floor, being lifted by her arm….dangling in mid air. She looks over her shoulder and sees Lisa looking down at her. Rebecca yelps as she feels a stinging slap on her bottom.

Gawd!!, she suddenly realized that she was being spanked!!

"HEY!!", Rebecca hollered, twisting herself around, trying desperately to avoid the stinging blows, "STOP!!"

"Going somewhere, Becky?", Lisa laughed as she put Rebecca back on the floor.

Rebecca squirmed and twisted as her top and panties were removed.

"Mustn’t try to leave, Becky", Lisa giggled as she lifted the tiny woman into her arms, one hand under her legs, holding her so that Rebecca had to lean into her shoulder. She was placed on the couch, her legs sticking straight out, not even able to reach the edge of the cushions.

"Now you stay right there, Becky!!", Lisa scolded, wagging her finger in the tiny woman’s face, "Understand?!"

Rebecca cringed, looking up at the teen through tear filled eyes, nodding her head slowly and repeatedly trying to cover herself with her hands. She watched Lisa leave the room again, but this time she stayed as she was told, not wanting to endure another humiliating spanking. Especially now that she was naked.

Rebecca’s jaw dropped when Lisa returned to the living room, dragging behind her a walker. She scooted to the opposite end of the couch, cowering even as Lisa’s huge hands grasped her under her arms and lifted her off the couch.

Rebecca buried her face in her hands and wept as she was placed in the walker.

"Now!", Lisa giggled, folding her arms across her front, looking down at Rebecca, "I guess you won’t be going anywhere ~now~, will you?!" Rebecca was too humiliated to even reply. She squirmed uncomfortably as the straps of the walker worked themselves between her legs.

"Want out?", Lisa smiled mischievously. Rebecca looked up at Lisa, hopeful, nodding her head.

"Well, come on over here then", Lisa giggled, holding out her arms toward Rebecca.

Rebecca was in the center of the living room, about six feet from where Lisa was sitting on the couch.

Rebecca tries to touch the floor, but is only able to get one foot down at a time. She tries to push off with one foot, but goes nowhere.

Lisa giggles as she watches the tiny woman struggle in the walker. Rebecca groans and pushes again, turning the walker sideways.

Rebecca slumps in angry frustration as she listens to Lisa’s taunts and humiliating laughter.

"If you want out of the walker, you gotta come over here to me", Lisa laughed, still holding out her arms, seemingly mocking Rebecca’s predicament. Determined, Rebecca pushed off with her foot, scooting the walker sideways again. Rebecca winced as the plastic straps dug in between her legs.

Lisa watched in fascination as the determined Rebecca scooted closer and closer to her. Progress was measured by inches as the tiny woman moved the walker closer and closer to the couch.

By this time, lil ‘Becca was having to stand on her tippy-toes because the strap on her walker had worked it’s way between her legs and was applying delicious pressure. Rebecca tried to disguise her arousal by exaggerating her movements; flipping her head back, twisting from side to side. She gripped the edge of the plastic tray on her walker until her knuckles were white.

"UUhhhhhHHHH!!", Rebecca moaned as she tossed her head back, still gripping the tray with all her might. Lisa burst out laughing upon realizing what was going on.

"Gawd, Becky!", Lisa giggled, "What are you doing there?!!"

Rebecca jerked her head up, looking at Lisa, blushing bright with embarrassment and humiliation at her secret being found out. She had a strained look on her face as she fought to remain on her tippy-toes…a small trickle of sweat streaked down her temple.

"It’s this god-damned strap between my legs!!", Rebecca snapped back, "Now will you get me out of this thing??!"

"Sure! As soon as you come over here to me, I’ll take you out!", Lisa giggled. Rebecca slumped, totally humiliated at this treatment; having to "perform" in order to get what she wanted. Still, Rebecca was determined to be taken out of the walker. She lifted her left leg and leaned over so that her right foot was barely touching the floor. In this position, Rebecca was able to push off with her foot.

Lisa watched with great interest as the tiny woman strained and grunted, pushing herself across the room in the walker. Finally, after much effort, Rebecca bumped the walker up against the couch, reaching out and touching Lisa on her leg, as if to signify she has reached her destination.

True to her word, Lisa lifted Rebecca out of her walker. The tiny woman did not resist or fight as she was placed in the teenaged girl’s lap. What was the use? Lisa was in total control here and there was little or nothing that Rebecca could do about it.

"Still thirsty?", Lisa smiled. Rebecca smiled weakly and nodded her head, but her smile quickly faded when Lisa produced a baby bottle.

"Ummmm…I just wanted some water…really", Rebecca said, nervously eyeing the bottle.

Lisa smiled as she leaned Rebecca back in her arms, cradling her head in the crook of her arm. Rebecca began to squirm in the teen’s lap, trying to sit up, but she was easily held in place.

Rebecca turned her head away as she saw the nipple being guided toward her mouth. Her tiny body tensed and she kicked her legs furiously as the rubber nipple was crushed against her lips, failing to penetrate her tightly pursed lips.

Lisa giggled as she chased Rebecca’s face with the nipple, the tiny woman turning her head this way, then that, trying desperately to avoid the humiliation of being bottle-fed. Lisa was easily able to control Rebecca, even appearing to be enjoying her little struggles.

Rebecca yelped as she was popped on the side of her leg. "Now be still, Becky and take the bottle", Lisa smiled, following Rebecca’s head motions with the bottle.

Rebecca arched her back and twisted her head away, her bare feet struggling for traction on Lisa’s leg. At this point, she did not care how ridiculous she looked, or how utterly hopeless her situation was. She was now completely panic-stricken and struggling wildly. She suddenly felt herself being lifted up. She screamed hysterically when she found herself draped face down over Lisa’s lap.

Lisa laughed while she held Rebecca down over her knees, watching the muscles in Rebecca’s legs and buttocks tense and flex as she kicked her legs furiously. Rebecca squirmed helplessly in Lisa’s lap, trying desperately to escape, but Lisa held her easily with one hand while she began to spank her with the other. The tiny woman’s howls of rage quickly became wails of anguished humiliation and defeat. Her breathing was becoming ragged as she gasped for breath in broken sobs as her spanking continued. Finally, Lisa began to slow down….her arm was getting tired. But it was obvious to the teen that Rebecca’s will had been broken. The tiny woman’s painful sobs soon melted into whimpers of utter defeat.

Lisa lifted Rebecca up and laid her back into her arms, cradling her. "Now, young lady", Lisa mockingly scolded, "Are you ready to take your bottle now?"

Rebecca looked up into the teenager’s eyes. She knew that she could not fight against the much bigger and stronger girl. She was defeated. Lisa was in total control of her now. Her lower lip began to quiver as she slowly nodded her head up and down.

"That’s much better!", Lisa smirked, as she brought the nipple of the bottle to Rebecca’s tiny lips. Rebecca hesitated for a moment, then parted her lips and accepted the bottle. Lying quietly in Lisa’s arms, one leg idly swinging back and forth, she allowed herself to be fed.

Rebecca kept her eyes closed as she sucked the tepid milk from the bottle. The darkness was her last refuge from this latest humiliation she was suffering at the hands of her teenaged keeper. Lisa tipped the bottle up as it was slowly drained. She grinned, noticing Rebecca struggling to draw the last of the milk into her tiny mouth. She opened her mouth and the nipple made a sharp *~tock~* and hissed softly as the air rushed back into the bottle.

"Good girl, Becky!", Lisa smiled, as she wiped a small dribble of milk from the side of Rebecca’s mouth, "You drank all of your bottle!!"

Rebecca opened her eyes, and blinked, trying to focus. "As if I had a choice…", she mumbled softly. She leaned forward, struggling to sit up. Lisa brought her to a sitting-up position in her lap.

"Can I please have some clothes?", Rebecca asked, almost pleading.

"Oh, I suppose you have been good enough to have clothes now", Lisa giggled.

She stood up, sitting Rebecca in the crook of her arm and walked toward the nursery. Rebecca silently replayed Lisa’s reply in her head. "….good enough to have her clothes now??" Was she having to earn her clothes now??

Rebecca was placed on the changing table and she watched silently as Lisa rummaged through the dresser drawers, selecting clothes for Rebecca.

Rebecca scooted back abit when she saw Lisa with a cloth diaper. "Ummm…Lisa? Is it really necessary that I wear a diaper?", she asked, "I’m a grown woman, after all".

"Well, ~little grown woman~", Lisa giggled as she put her index finger on Rebecca’s tiny nose, "Since baby clothes are the only clothes that will fit you, you’re gonna just have to get used to wearing a diaper!"

"But….", Rebecca began, but found herself being lowered backwards. She quickly found herself staring up at the ceiling of the nursery from the top of the changing table. She began to squirm and struggle, but was easily held in place by one of Lisa’s hands on her chest. Rebecca sighed in resignation as she was grasped by the ankles, her legs lifted into the air. She felt the soft cotton diaper being slid underneath her and was lowered back down.. Rebecca turned her head away in shame, biting her quivering lower lip as the diaper was pulled between her legs and the ends pinned securely around her waist. Rebecca was painfully aware that being made to wear a diaper was not so much functional as it was symbolic of Lisa’s dominance over her.

Rebecca kept her head bowed as she was pulled to a sitting-up position. She sat languidly as Lisa dressed her in one of Michelle’s tee shirts….a butterfly print tee shirt. To her surprise, Rebecca was lifted off of the changing table and placed on the floor. Lisa smiled down at her and motioned for the tiny woman to follow her. Rebecca was grateful at least for not being carried.


The bulk of the diaper between her legs made it impossible for Rebecca to walk like an adult, and she was reduced to waddling behind the giantess teenager, as if she were a little girl following her mommy. The tiny woman did finally manage to waddle into the living room, falling down only a couple of times. Lisa giggled whenever Rebecca would stumble and fall, watching as Rebecca had to crawl over to a nearby chair or stool to pull herself up to a standing-up position. The thick diaper between her legs left her with little or no mobility besides forwards or backwards.

Lisa was the first to enter the living room, plopping down on the couch. She watched in amusement as Rebecca waddled into the living room, her tiny breasts swaying from side to side inside the tee shirt, with each step.

Lisa giggled and patted her lap. Rebecca was mortified when she finally was able to make it over to the couch, she was easily scooped off of her feet and plopped into Lisa’s lap.

"Looks like you’re getting used to being small, huh, Becky?", Lisa smiled as she brushed a lock of hair out of Rebecca’s face, pushing it behind her ear. "It isn’t so horrible, now is it??"

Rebecca turned her head away as the teen fiddled with her hair. Lisa was right, Rebecca thought, she was getting used to being small. Although both Lisa and her mother were like giantesses to her, she was no longer frightened of their touch. Rebecca was adjusting to her new life. But Lisa was very wrong about one thing: Being carried around and not allowed to even walk, the constant touching and handling, the cuddling and caresses from the two women, and the absolute humiliation of being forced to wear baby clothes…including diapers, was horrible beyond any description.

Lisa put Rebecca down on the couch cushion. "Now you stay right here and don’t get down!! Ya’hear??!", Lisa said in a stern voice, shaking a finger at the tiny Rebecca as a warning. Rebecca looked up at the giantess teen and slowly nodded her head.

Lisa bounded off into the kitchen to get herself something to drink.

Lisa had been gone only a few minutes when, to Rebecca’s utter horror, the front door opened. Not even having enough time to jump off the couch, Rebecca scooted over to the corner of the couch, hoping to hide herself as best she could.

A few seconds later, Lisa’s seven-year-old sister, Lindy, walked through the front door, home from school.

(To Be Continued!)

a small addition ch 4

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Small Addition – Chapter Four


Once inside the bathroom, undressing Rebecca was simply a matter removing her tee shirt. She was lifted onto the toilet seat and forced to stand naked while Michelle was tended to (clothes and diaper removed and bath water drawn). Michelle was quite delighted to have a bath-mate. Little ‘Becca, on the other hand, was not so enthusiastic.

Rebecca was subjected to a humiliating bath-time with Michelle. During this time, she was splashed, dunked, and otherwise used as a water toy by the toddler. Again, Rebecca was forced to sit and wait while baby Michelle was bathed first. After Lisa was finished washing Michelle, Rebecca was scooted to the front of the tub to be bathed. Michelle busied herself with her tub toys as Lisa helped Rebecca to a standing-up position in the tub.

Little Rebecca was mortified as she stood naked in the tub, looking straight ahead, as Lisa began to bathe her. Lisa was careful to begin washing her in the "safe" places, arms, hands, face and back; giving the tiny woman time to adjust to her situation, specifically, being touched in such an intimate way.

Once Lisa had begun to bath her, Rebecca found herself silently fighting conflicting emotions. On the one hand, she felt totally humiliated. On the other hand, she found the feel of Lisa’s hands moving over her body to be quite arousing. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as Lisa began to wash between her legs, praying that her body would not betray her. Lisa watched Rebecca as she slipped the washcloth between her legs, expecting her to jerk back or otherwise balk. When she noticed that she remained silent; only closing her eyes and biting her lip. Lisa took this as a sign of submission and consent for her to continue.

Lisa slowly moved the washcloth up over Rebecca’s flat tummy, and continuing up between her cleavage. Lisa smiled, noting that Rebecca was quite endowed, even at her toddler-size. As she moved the soapy washcloth over Rebecca’s breasts, the tiny woman let out a startled gasp as her knees buckled involuntarily.

Rebecca looked at Lisa and blushed profusely, hoping that Lisa was not noticing her growing arousal. "Sorry, I slipped…", Rebecca smiled shyly, as she turned towards Lisa, holding onto the side of the tub for support as Lisa resumed washing her.

Rebecca lifted her head, tilting it to one side as Lisa continued to bathe her. She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together tightly, hoping that Lisa would finish soon.

She was mortified at the thought of being brought to an orgasm under these humiliating circumstances. She could not…would not… let that happen.

Little ‘Becca clinched her hands into tiny fists, fingernails digging into her palms as she squeezed her legs tighter together and closed her eyes; desperately trying to redirect her mind to something…anything. She would not be able to conceal her arousal much longer. Rebecca clinched her jaw muscles tight, slowly rising to her tip-toes, each second drawing her closer to what she considered to be the ultimate humiliation: to be brought to an orgasm against her will.

Suddenly, she felt hands underneath her arms. Rebecca gasped and opened her eyes wide as she was lifted stiff-legged out of the tub and placed on the toilet seat. The tiny woman crossed one arm across her front and placed the other hand between her legs, attempting to cover her nakedness as she tried to regain her composure.

Rebecca stood naked and shivering as she waited for baby Michelle to be attended to first.

"C—C—Can I h—h—have a—a t—t----t----t—tow---el pl---p---pl---pleeeeeze???", Rebecca pleaded, her body shaking violently now. She lowered her head and remained silent when she saw her request was being ignored.

When she was finished tending to Michelle, Lisa took Rebecca in her arms and held her on her hip, with one leg in front and the other in back of her. Instead of being dried off and wrapped in a towel, as Michelle was, Rebecca was instead carried by Lisa into the nursery, still wet and naked. Rebecca looked down and watched Michelle happily toddling down the hallway while ~she~ was again being carried.

Rebecca is placed on the changing table along with Michelle. She scoots to the far edge of the table, curling her knees up to her chest and watches silently as Michelle is powdered, diapered, and dressed in her sleeper. Michelle is put on the floor and toddles off in the direction of her toybox.

"Okay, you’re next, Becky", Lisa smiled, reaching for the tiny woman.

Rebecca whimpered softly as she was grabbed by the ankles and dragged to the center of the changing table. Even after all she had been through, Rebecca was still not used to being treated in such a manner. And how easily she is handled now. She squirms abit as Lisa wipes off what few water droplets have not evaporated.

"Ready to get dressed now, Becky?", Lisa giggled, playfully tracing her finger down the bridge of Rebecca’s tiny nose.

"Just dress me and get this over with, Lisa", Rebecca replied, trying to remain as impassive as possible, knowing that any protests from her would bring on further teasing.

Rebecca sighed and turned her head away as Lisa lifted her legs up by her ankles, slipping the soft cotton diaper underneath her. Rebecca felt the softness of the cotton diaper on her bare butt as her legs were lowered back down. She looked straight up at the ceiling as the sides of her diaper were pinned securely around her waist. Rebecca protested having to wear the pink translucent rubber panties over her diaper, but Lisa was adamant and would not relent.

"There now!", Lisa giggled, as she pulled Rebecca into a sitting-up position on the changing table. The tiny woman’s hands instinctively went to her front, covering her breasts.

"Ummm…Lisa? Can I have something to wear? You don’t expect me to sleep in nothing but a diaper, do you?"

Lisa giggled at the prospect of little Becky sleeping in her crib in only her diaper, but decided better of it. For now.

"Of course not!", Lisa smiled, opening a drawer in the changing table. Rebecca craned her neck, trying to see what Lisa was selecting for her to wear.

"How about ~this~?", Lisa asked, holding up one of baby Michelle’s cotton sleeping gowns, "Michelle is too big for this now…but it will fit you ~perfectly~!!" Rebecca sighed and nodded her head in consent, wanting only to have ~something~ on.

Lisa slipped the gown over Rebecca’s head and fed her tiny arms through the sleeves. Rebecca went to stand up, but was held in place by Lisa.

"Not finished yet, Becky", Lisa smiled, reaching down and pulling the drawstring at the bottom of the gown, cinching the gown closed.

"HEY!!", Rebecca complained, kicking her legs inside the gown, "I don’t like this!! It’s like being inside a ~bag~!!"

Rebecca was appalled when Lisa grasped the sleeves of her gown, folded the protective mittens over her tiny hands and cinched the drawstrings tightly.

"LISA!!", Rebecca sobbed, kicking her legs frantically and flexing her tiny hands, causing the mittens to open and close, "Get me OUT of this thing!!"

"Shhhhh!", Lisa giggled, first putting her finger to her lips…then resting her finger across Rebecca’s tiny lips. "You don’t want anyone coming in here and seeing you like this, do you?" Rebecca quickly hushed.

Lisa lifted Rebecca off of the changing table and placed her on all fours on the floor.

"Oh, gawd!", Rebecca exclaimed as she struggled inside the soft prison of her gown, "I can’t even move in this thing!!"

Lisa kneeled down a few feet from Rebecca and put her arms out toward her. "Come on, Becky….come to Lisa!"

"I ~said~ that I ~can’t~, Lisa!!", Rebecca replied, "Will you please get me out of this thing??!!"

Lisa clapped her hands together and held them out to Rebecca, ignoring her plight. "Come to me, Becky….unless you want to sleep in nothing but your diaper tonight."

Rebecca suddenly stopped and looked up at Lisa, knowing full well that the young girl was capable of doing whatever she wished with or to her. Rebecca put her head down, shifting her weight onto her arms and pulling herself forward a few inches. She looked up at Lisa again, trying to gauge her progress. The girl was a few feet away from her; and a little to the left.

Laying flat on the floor, Rebecca rolled over on her side, aligning herself so she had to only pull herself in a straight line. Lisa watched in facination at the tiny woman’s determination.

Rebecca grunted as she pulled herself along the floor, her eyes tearing in frustration but making slow but steady progress. She was furious at having to humiliate herself in this manner, but she knew that the humiliation of being made to sleep in nothing but a diaper would be much worse.

Finally, Rebecca had managed to pull herself all the way across the floor to her tormentor. She reached up, trying to grab Lisa’s pants leg when she realized that with her hands covered with the mittens, she was unable to even grip anything. Lisa had made her completely helpless by putting her in this gown.

"That’s a good girl!", Lisa laughed as she scooped lil Becky up into her arms and carried her to the crib.

"HEY!! Why do I have to go to bed now??!! It’s only eight o’clock!!", Rebecca howled as she pulled herself up using the slats of the crib. She put a mittened hand over her mouth when she realized how whiney and childlike she sounded now.

Lisa picked baby Michelle up and carried her to the crib. Holding Michelle on her hip, she playfully ~boinks~ Rebecca on her nose. "You aren’t gonna be giving me trouble with your bedtime, are you, missy?" Rebecca pushes Lisa’s hand away and glares up at her.

"I have to go to bed, and Michelle gets to stay up??", Rebecca scowls, "That’s not fair!!"

Lisa brushed the hair from Rebecca’s forehead and kissed her on the top of her head. "A lot of things in your life are going to seem not fair, Becky. But it’s for your own good."

"My own good??!", Rebecca replied incrediously, "You put me in this….this.….BAG…then put these mittens on my hands so I cannot even grip anytbing…and you tell me that it’s for my own GOOD??"

"Don’t worry, Becky….Lisa will take you out of that ole bag in the morning!", Lisa giggled, knowing that referring to herself in the third person infuriated Rebecca. Rebecca loosened her grip on the top rail of the crib, allowing herself to slide down onto the mattress. Pouting, she turned away from Lisa.

Lisa smiled and took Michelle into the living room, snapping the light off as she left. Rebecca lay in the crib, the room lit only by a dim night light. Little ‘Becca’s vision was blurred thru tears as she silently sobbed herself to sleep.

The next morning:

Rebecca’s eyes popped open when she heard the door to the nursery open. The tiny woman slapped her mittened hand on the mattress in frustration when she realized that she could not even sit up to see who had came in.

"Good morning, Becky!"

Rebecca turned her head and saw Lisa leaning over the edge of the crib, reaching for her.

Lisa carried Rebecca to the changing table. "Where is Michelle?", Rebecca asked, looking over her shoulder at the empty crib. "Oh, she’s playing in her play pen", Lisa replied, as she laid the tiny woman on her back and began to untie the drawstring of the gown. Once untied, Lisa lifted the gown up over Rebecca’s waist.

Rebecca gasped in horror when Lisa slipped two fingers down the front of her diaper. "HEY!! What do you think you’re doing??", Rebecca protested as she tried to twist away from this invasion.

"Just checking to see if you had a dry night", Lisa smiled.

"Well, I ~had~ a dry night. So there!", Rebecca replied. "I don’t need to be checked; really." Lisa noticed that everytime that she began to try to undo the diaper, that Rebecca would start squirming and wriggling. It was almost as if Rebecca did not want the diaper taken off. Finally, having enough of Becky’s foolishness, Lisa playfully pinned Rebecca to the changing table; holding her down with one hand, while with the other, she began to unpin the diaper.

Rebecca was suddenly and mysteriously upset at having her diaper forceably removed. She could only stare at the ceiling as Lisa grasped the elastic waistband of her rubber panties and slid them down her legs and off. Next, Lisa unpinned the diaper and pulled the front down. Rebecca’s legs were lifted up by her ankles….and suddenly Lisa stopped…still holding the tiny woman’s legs up.

Rebecca looked away….ashamed.

A tiny brown plug of feces lay in the soft folds of the diaper.

"Becky messed in her diaper??!", Lisa giggled, "Now I see why you didn’t want me to take your diaper off!"

"Well?? What do you have to say for yourself, Becky?!", Lisa said, speaking to Rebecca as if she were scolding a child.

Rebecca closed her eyes, humiliated beyond words. She was fuming with both anger and embarrassment. "It was ~you~ who made me wear a diaper!", Rebecca replied, eyes tearing in humiliation. "I can’t even sit ~up~, much less get out of the crib! What do you ~expect~??"

Rebecca blushed as her legs were lifted, her knees pushing into her chest, her bare bottom exposed. Lisa wiped her little behind with a baby wipe and sat her up on the changing table. Lisa grasped the hem of Rebecca’s gown and lifted it over her head and off. Little ‘Becca gasped as the cool air caressed her suddenly naked body.

"Hungry?", Lisa asked. Rebecca looked up and nodded her head. "Ummmm….but can I have something to wear first?"

"I will dress you ~after~ you eat, Becky", Lisa replied. Rebecca’s jaw dropped. She was going to have to eat her breakfast ~naked~??!

Lisa lifts the Naked Little Rebecca off the changing table, supporting her with a hand under her bare bottom as she is carried. Rebecca clings with her tiny hands as she watches where she is carried. She is carried into the kitchen….her eyes widen as Lisa walks toward the high chair.

"Oh, Gawd, Lisa!!", Rebecca groaned, "Not the high chair!! Please!!"

Rebecca sulked as she was placed in the high chair, glowering angrily as she was strapped in and the tray put in place, effectively trapping her in the seat. Rebecca blushed brightly when she realized that her breasts were resting in the plastic tray!!

She squirmed and wiggled in her seat, but was unable to change her positon. Finally, she gave up. She put her elbows on the tray and rested her chin in her hands.

Seeing that Rebecca was secure in the high chair, Lisa left the kitchen. She returned a few minutes later, carrying Baby Michelle. Rebecca watched in disbelief as Lisa carried Michelle to the kitchen table and sat her in a booster chair.

"Hey!!", Rebecca cried indignantly, "Why can’t ~I~ sit in the booster chair and Michelle sit in her own high chair??"

Lisa giggled as she turned to the tiny woman, "Because that isn’t ~her~ high chair anymore…’s ~yours~!!" Rebecca buried her face in her hands, now totally humiliated.

Lil ‘Becca sat quietly in her high chair, watching Lisa prepare breakfast. Her mouth watered as she smelled real food: eggs, bacon, buttered toast!! Her anticipation grew when she saw Lisa carry Baby Michelle’s plate of cut up food and sat it on the table. She handed Michelle her toddler-sized fork and pushed the plate close to her baby sister.

Michelle was always first. But now that Baby Michelle had her food, it was ~her~ turn!!

Rebecca’s spirits sank when Lisa walked over to her high chair, carrying a bowl with a spoon stuck in it. When Lisa saw ‘Becca straining to see what she had, she tipped the bowl towards her. "Rice cereal!", Lisa smiled, "….Gerber’s".

"Blech!!", Rebecca groaned as she turned her head away in protest, "Why does Michelle get egg and bacon and I get ~this~??"

Again, Lisa did not reply, but instead, dipped the spoon in the cold gruel and holds it to Rebecca’s lips. "Now eat your cereal like a good girl!"

"Ohhhh gross!!", Rebecca moaned. Knowing that it is useless to fight, she makes a sour face as she takes a bite. The tiny woman gags as she chokes down the first bite.

"Open!", Lisa giggled, holding out another spoonful.

Rebecca reluctantly opens her mouth and another spoonful is shoveled in. She coughs and some of the cereal splatters on her breasts.

"AAAKK!", Rebecca gags, her face contorting in disgust, eyes tearing.

Rebecca pleads with the teen, "Please, Lisa!! I ~hate~ this stuff!!"

Lisa giggles and holds another spoonful to her mouth, "Eat it all gone!"

"ALL??", Lisa exclaimed, eyeing the huge bowl.

"Unless you want to run around the house today in nothing but a diaper", Lisa smirked.

Rebecca’s jaw drops. "You wouldn’t ~dare~!! Then she quickly hushes, knowing that the girl was quite capable of doing whatever she wished. Rebecca slowly opens her mouth and takes the tepid gruel.

"Very good, Becky", Lisa giggled in mock encouragement.

Rebecca smiles weakly, then swallows and makes a face. "Blech!!"

Lisa holds another spoonful to Rebecca’s lips. She gags and turns her head away, unable to even force herself to take another bite. She looks up at Lisa in shock when the girl tips the spoon over….and a dollop of the semi-liquid cereal plops on her breast.

"If you won’t eat it….you’re gonna ~wear~ it!", Lisa smirked.

"Ugh!", Rebecca groaned loudly. She tried to wipe the cereal off, but only managed to spread it around, making an even bigger mess! Lisa giggled as she watched the tiny woman’s predicament. Lil ‘Becca looked up at her, not amused.

Lisa offers another spoonful of cereal. Rebecca tries her best to choke it down, but only manages to make more of a mess as she gags and sputters, the cereal dribbles down the side of her mouth. Rebecca was determined to eat all of the cereal….a few minutes of being fed this slop is better than having to endure an entire day of humiliation running around the house in nothing but a diaper.

"P—please, Lisa", Rebecca pleaded, tears of frustration and from choking streaking her tiny face, "N—n---no more….pleeeese!!"

"Just a few more bites, Becky!", Lisa smiled, obviously enjoying force-feeding the tiny woman.

Lisa held out another spoonful of rice cereal. "Come on now!", she giggled, "It’s Gerber!! It’s good for you!!"

"B-RAAAAKKK!", Rebecca gagged as she opened her mouth, accepting the cereal. Unfortunately, her gag reflex prevented her from swallowing, and it dribbled out of her mouth and down her front. Rebecca swayed back and forth in the high chair, eyes closed, oblivious to her total humiliation and domination by Lisa. She slowly lifted her hands, trying to wipe the cereal from her mouth and face, but her hands did not seem to want to obey her. Rebecca managed to only smear the cereal all over her face even more. She lowered her head, inspecting her cereal-splattered breasts. Again, trying to clean herself only managed to make an even bigger mess.

The tiny woman sat in her high chair, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. Lisa placed another spoonful into her mouth. Rebecca tried again to swallow, but only managed to spit it back up, splattering on her tray and breasts. Another spoonful produced the same results.

"Look, Becky!", Lisa giggled, showing her the empty bowl, "All gone!!"

"Gahhh!", was the only response that Rebecca could produce. She collapses across the plastic tray, not caring about how big a mess she was making of herself.

After cleaning up her sister from breakfast (a minimal mess for a toddler), Lisa put Michelle in her playpen in the living room and returned to the kitchen to tend to Becky. She nudged Rebecca back in her seat and removed the plastic tray. Rebecca was unbuckled from the high chair and lifted into Lisa’s arms. Too exhausted to fight, ‘Becca simply leaned into Lisa as she was carried back into the nursery, resting her head on the girl’s shoulder.

Rebecca opened her eyes and looked up at Lisa as she was laid on the changing table. "Gotta clean you up before we get dressed", Lisa smiled. Rebecca simply nodded and turned her face away.

Lisa cleaned Rebecca throughly with babywipes. The tiny woman was silent, only flinching occasionally when the coldness of the babywipes came into contact with a sensitive area. Rebecca offered no resistance as her breasts were wiped, even though she thought that Lisa was spending an inordinate amount of time doing it.

"~~All clean, Becky!!~~", Lisa giggled in that sing-song, condecending voice that literally drove Rebecca up a wall. Rebecca was lifted to a sitting-up position on the changing table.

"Then can I please get dressed now?", Rebecca asked, looking up at Lisa hopefully.

Lisa nodded her head and left the room, returning a few minutes later, holding something behind her back. ‘Becca watched Lisa as she approached the changing table where she was sitting.

"I brought something for you to wear, Becky", Lisa smiled, holding out a neatly folded bundle to Rebecca. A smile played across Rebecca’s lips as she accepted the bundle from Lisa. "T—thank you", she said softly.

Rebecca could tell nothing about what she was holding, only that it was hot-pink in color, and made of very soft cotton. As she unfolded the material and held it up, Rebecca’s jaw dropped in horror. What Lisa had given to Rebecca to wear was a cotton tank-top; one that she wore during her workouts. She also wore it as casual clothing and had trimmed to midriff length. When Rebecca held it up, she immediately noticed that were she to actually put this on, it would barely cover her mid-thigh. And, with the thin shoulder straps, low cut front, and large open arm holes, very little would be left to the imagination.

"I—I can’t wear ~this~!", Rebecca said softly, blushing, holding the top out to Lisa, as if trying to return it.

"Oh, you ~can~ wear it", Lisa replied, a wicked smile playing across her lips as she looked down at the tiny woman, "And you ~will~ wear it too!"

"But this is made to be worn ~over~ something….like a tee shirt", Rebecca protested, "If I were to wear this, I would be hanging out all over!"

Lisa smiled and took the proffered tank top from Rebecca. "Then you don’t want to wear this?" Rebecca began to shake her head then stopped suddenly. She didn’t like the finality in Lisa’s tone of voice. Did she mean that if she didn’t wear the tank top, that she wouldn’t be allowed to wear ~anything~?? Rebecca was afraid to ask. Instead, she tentatively reached out and took the tank top back.

Rebecca stood up on the changing table, watching Lisa intently as she fed her arms thru the bottom of the tank top and thru the armholes. She pulled the top over her head and smoothed it over her tiny body.

Lil ‘Becca blushed profusely as she tried to adjust the shoulder straps of the top. When she moved the material to one side, it would expose part of her breast on the other side. Rebecca knew that with each step that she took, that one of her breasts would be exposed. Finally growing frustrated at not being able to cover herself properly, she stomped a bare foot on the changing table and looked up at Lisa, her little hands clinched into tiny fists. She blew a little lock of her hair back that had fallen into her face.

"Lisa, please!", Rebecca pleaded, "This is just too embarrassing for me….at least give me something that will cover me properly."

"Something to go under it, you mean?", Lisa smiled.

"Yes!!", Rebecca exclaimed, brightening, "That would be ~perfect~!!"

Lisa shrugged and opened a drawer on the changing table. "Okay….put these on then", Lisa giggled, handing Rebecca a pair of Wonder Woman UnderRoos.

"What are ~these~??!", Rebecca scowled, holding the little girl panties between her thumb and forefinger as if she were afraid to touch them, "I’m not wearing these things!!"

"You said you wanted something to wear underneath your top", Lisa giggled, "Now put them on!!"

"I ~meant~ something underneath the top….like a ~tee shirt~!!!", Rebecca snapped back, obviously annoyed at Lisa’s attempt to further humiliate her.

"Do you think you might need some help putting them on?", Lisa smiled. Rebecca suddenly stopped, her face ashen. Not wanting further humiliation, Rebecca stepped into the panties and slowly pulled them up her legs. She twisted her hips slightly from side to side as she adjusted the UnderRoos for comfort. She looked up at Lisa, self-consciously tugging at the hem of her top, trying to hide the little kid underwear from view. Rebecca gasped and blushed when she realized that all of her fidgiting was causing her breasts to peek out of the sides of the tank top. She grew frustrated when, after adjusting it to cover herself on top, her bottom was exposed. She folded her arms across her front, glowering at Lisa.

Lisa giggled as she watched Rebecca struggle with her predicament. She put her finger underneath ‘Becca’s chin and lifted her head so that she was looking straight up at her.

"Now you listen to me, little lady", Lisa smirked, "You’d better be good for me today, Becky. If you do what you are told, we are going to get along just fine, okay?"

Rebecca looked up into Lisa’s eyes, trembling slightly. She licked her suddenly dry lips and nodded her head in agreement. "I—I will be good", she replied. Lisa smiled and moved her finger away from Rebecca’s chin.

Rebecca sighed and turned her head away….this was going to be a ~long~ day, she thought to herself.

a small addition ch 3

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Small Addition – Chapter Three

Rebecca squirmed as she was lifted out of the crib, kicking her legs furiously.

"Well, Well! Just who have we here?", Lisa smiled, as she held Rebecca by her waist, out at arms length.

Rebecca continued her futile struggling. She finally stopped, turning her face away from the teenager and folding her arms across her chest. Her legs were held slightly apart from the bulk of her diaper. She seethed at the realization of just how ridiculous she must look to the teenaged girl.

The tiny woman finally turned toward Lisa, looking her in the eye and putting on her sternest look.

"You know very well who I am, young lady!", she replied through clenched teeth, "Now, put………down!!" Each of her last three words punctuated by her tiny fists on Lisa’s arms.

"Hey!", Lisa hollered, shaking Rebecca from side to side a few times, "You’d better watch it, ya little shrimp!", Lisa giggled, "I’m bigger than you are now!"

Rebecca quickly hushed, knowing that she was fully at the mercy of the much larger and stronger teenaged girl. Lisa smiled and brought Rebecca closer to her, sitting the tiny woman in the crook of her arm, her legs draped over her forearm. Rebecca tentatively place her arm on Lisa’s shoulder for balance, knowing that putting her arms around her neck might send the wrong message.

"Lisa, please put me down, okay", Rebecca asked, her voice almost pleading, "Please don’t hold me like this!! I’m not a child!"

"Oh?! You’re ~not~?", Lisa laughed, patting Rebecca’s well-padded bottom, "Then perhaps you could explain why you’re wearing that!"

Rebecca bowed her head, her face burning with embarrassment. "P—Please, Lisa!", she said softly, "Please put me down, okay?" Rebecca began to twist around in her arms, trying to straighten her legs in an effort to get down.

Lisa loosened her grip on Rebecca and allowed her to slide down her leg and onto the floor. She kneeled down in front of the tiny woman, holding her tiny hands between her thumb and forefingers.

"Now, why don’t you just tell me what happened to you", Lisa smiled.

Rebecca stood before the giant teenaged girl, nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she explained her story to Lisa.

"…..and your mother is taking care of me until I can get restored back to my normal height", Rebecca finished, looking up at Lisa, "Now….if you will excuse me, I need to go find your mother." As she stepped away from Lisa, she was abit surprised when Lisa did not release her. Rebecca shot Lisa an angry glare and the girl released her grip on the tiny woman. Lisa smiled and shook her head as she watched Rebecca pad out of the nursery and down the hall.

When Lisa returned to the living room, she found her mother and Rebecca engaged in a somewhat animated conversation. Susan was kneeling down in front of Rebecca, bending her head forward, as if carrying on a hushed discussion. Rebecca, on the other hand, was looking up at Susan, hands on hips and was obviously the one doing the talking. The conversation ended when Susan smiled and shrugged her shoulders…..Rebecca stomped her foot and folded her arms across her chest; an obvious act of defiance toward Lisa’s mother.

"Oh, hello, honey!", Susan smiled as she looked up and watched her daugher enter the room, "I see you found out about my little secret."

"….And I’m not your ~little~ secret!", Rebecca protested, her voice breaking.

Lisa giggled as she looked down at Rebecca, "She even sounds like a little kid!"

Rebecca twirled around to face Lisa. "Don’t you call me a kid, you brat!" Then she squealed as the teen took a menacing step toward her, running behind Susan. "You leave me alone!!", Rebecca squealed, peeking out from around Susan’s legs, then she looked up at Susan, as if waiting for reassurance.

"Actually, I’m glad you know about Rebecca", Susan said to her daughter, "Rebecca and I were just talking about that.

"It was getting rather difficult to keep her a secret", Susan continued, "But now that you know, you can help me take care of her!"

"NO!!", Rebecca shrieked, "I told you, I don’t want her to!!"

"I’m gonna get to baby-sit Rebecca?", Lisa giggled, looking down at the tiny woman. Rebecca slumped her shoulders in defeat at the mention of being baby-sat.

Lisa laughed. "I think she’s getting fussy, mom. Does she get fussy when she gets tired? Like Michelle?

Rebecca whirled around to face Lisa, hands on hips, looking up at the giant teenager. "I am capable of answering for myself, Lisa! And I am not tired and I am not being ~fussy~!! Rebecca stopped suddenly when she felt a tapping on the top of her head, coming from behind her. She turned back around and pushed Susan’s hand away, glaring up at her.

"Be nice, Rebecca", Susan scolded, "Don’t talk to Lisa like that!" Lisa giggles as Rebecca is reprimanded. Rebecca scowls.

"Lisa, Rebecca has asked me, and I have decided that since there are two of us taking care of her now, I see no reason she should have to wear a diaper when at least one of us is around to help her", Susan said, "So she will only be wearing a diaper at night, okay?"

"Okay, mom!", Lisa smiled, noticing that Rebecca was looking up at her smugly, "But what will she wear during the day?"

"Well, at her size, there isn’t any underwear that will fit her, so she will just have her tee shirt", Susan replied.

"….but for now, Rebecca needs to go back into her room", Susan said, "The kids will be home very soon….Would you mind taking Rebecca into her room for me?"

"Sure, mom!", Lisa giggled, looking down at Rebecca and putting her hand out to her. Rebecca brushed her hand away, glaring up angrily. "I’m capable of walking to the room by myself….I don’t have to be led around by the hand, you know."

Lisa giggled and reached down, grasping Rebecca by her tiny wrist. The tiny woman squealed in protest as she was walked down the hall, looking over her shoulder to see if there might be any help for her coming from Susan.

Lisa led Rebecca into the nursery, closing the door behind her. Rebecca began to twist her arm, trying to jerk away from Lisa’s firm grip. With her free hand balled up into a tiny fist, Rebecca began to hit Lisa’s arm as hard as she could.

"Hey, you!!", Lisa giggled, "You’d better stop that right now!!"

Rebecca paid no attention to the teenaged girl, instead, she continued to punch her arm, occasionally kicking her with a bare foot.

"Hey!! I said stop it, Rebecca!!", Lisa warned again, beginning to get angry at the little woman’s temper tantrum. Rebecca continued to twist and fight against Lisa.

Lisa reached down and popped Rebecca on the behind.

"Owww!", Rebecca yelped, "Stop that!! Lem’me GO!! Rebecca’s little face was growing a bright red as her rage grew. "Let me go!! Don’t touch me!!" Rebecca was getting teary eyed as she continued to hit Lisa with her little child-sized fist.

"I’m warning you, Rebecca", Lisa said in a serious voice, trying to surpress her smile, "If you don’t stop, I’ll give you a real spanking!"

Lisa released Rebecca’s wrist and was surprised when the tiny woman continued to punch at her. "You leave me alone!", Rebecca kept repeating over and over, sobbing all the while. She continued trying to hit the much larger teenaged girl, but Lisa’s much larger hands easily caught and held her tiny child-like hands, leaving Rebecca sobbing and struggling helplessly in front of the giggling teenager.

"You’re not Rebecca anymore", Lisa sneered, "From now on, your name is Becky!"

Rebecca winced. "I hate that name!! Don’t call me that!!"

"Little Becky….that’s who you are!", Lisa giggled, enjoying the little struggles of the older woman.

"NO! NO! Don’t call me that!!", Rebecca sobbed, unable to free herself from her tormentor.

"~~Tell me what your name is!~~", Lisa teased.

"No!! Lisa!! P—please!! Let me go!", the tiny woman sobbed, tears streaming down her face.

"Tell me what your name is, and I’ll let you go!", Lisa laughed, taunting the tiny woman.

"Lisa! Stop this right now!", Rebecca said in her sternest voice, "I told you that I don’t like to be called by that name! Now stop it!!"

"Alright, then", Lisa said, "If you’re gonna act like a little girl, you’re gonna get treated like one!" With that, Rebecca was flipped over Lisa’s lap and the back of her tee shirt was lifted up, revealing Rebecca’s bare bottom. After a few whacks from the teenager, Rebecca’s little ass cheeks were a bright red and she was crying hysterically unable to do anything except kick her legs.

"What’s your name?", Lisa asked, stopping the spanking for a few moments.

"Becky!!! Becky!!!", the tiny woman screamed, "My name is Behhhhkeeeeyyyy!!!"


When her punishment was finished, Becky was released.

Oblivious to her humiliating predicament, lil Becky curled up into a fetal positon next to Lisa, eyes closed and sobbing. She fully realized that the teenaged girl had virtually stripped away the last remnants of her adulthood by "renaming" her and then, of all things, spanking her.

Gawd, how she hated that name!! It was what she was called when she was a little girl. As soon as she was old enough to assert herself, she insisted on being called Rebecca. And now, she is Becky again.

Physically exhausted and unable to fight anymore, Becky drifted off to sleep. When Lisa saw that lil Becky had fallen asleep, she tucked her into her crib.

After about an hour, Susan came into the nursery. Lisa explained the awkward situation to her mother about having to spank Rebecca. She also told her about Rebecca’s new name, which brought a giggle from Susan.

"What a cute name!", Susan laughed, "I think it fits her perfectly!!"

Lisa smiled and nodded in agreement.

Becky woke up about two hours later and sat up in her crib. She looked through the slats and saw Lisa sitting in the rocking chair, reading a book. Becky winced as she struggled to her feet, the pain in her bladder excruciating.

Rebecca looked over the railing of her crib. "Ummm…Lisa?"

Lisa looked up and smiled. "Becky!!

Rebecca winced at being called Becky, but bit her tongue, knowing that any protest would only bring more punishment.

"Uhh…I have to go to the bathroom, Lisa", Rebecca smiled weakly, blushing, "Can you take me out of here?" Rebecca put out her arms to be picked up.

Lisa walked over to the crib. Rebecca was lifted out of the crib but instead of being placed on the floor, Lisa held her in her arms, walking toward the door.

"No! NOOO!", Rebecca protested, squirming in Lisa’s arms, trying to get down. "Put me down so I can go to the bathroom!!"

"Mom told me that if you needed to use the bathroom, that I was to take you", Lisa said matter-of-factly.

"Gawd, Lisa! Please!", Rebecca cried, "Cant you just let me go to the bathroom alone? I’m perfectly capable of doing this by myself"

"Mom told me that I have to take you ‘cause you can’t even get up on the toilet by yourself", Lisa giggled as she carried Rebecca into the bathroom closing and locking the door behind them.

"What-else did your mother tell you about me?", Rebecca asked sarcastically as she was placed on the toilet.

"Well….", Lisa said, "Just that I was in charge of you whenever she said….especially when she’s not around…like when she’s at work."

"Oh?", Rebecca replied, her voice thick with sarcasm, "how very nice!"

Rebecca sat on the toilet, leaning forward, her chin in her hands. "A little privacy please?"

Lisa smiled, folding her arms in front of her and leaning against the wall, watching Rebecca.

"Gawd!", Rebecca moaned, covering her face with her tiny hands.

Rebecca tried to hold herself for as long as she could, but pretty soon, the pressure on her bladder was simply unbearable. She sighed and turned her head away in shame as her urine was released in a steady stream, making a smooth hissing sound against the toilet bowl.

"Finished, Becky?", Lisa smiled. Rebecca nodded her head, still too embarrassed to even look up at Lisa.

Rebecca was lifted off of the toilet seat and Lisa kneeled down in front of her. Lisa brushed Rebecca’s hand away when she reached for the roll of toilet paper.

Rebecca gasped in horror as she watched Lisa take off a length of toilet tissue and wad it up in her hand. "Oh, my Gawd!", Rebecca sighed, "You’re even going to wipe me??"

Lisa giggled and nodded her head, motioning for Rebecca to lift her tee shirt. Reluctantly, Rebecca raised her tee shirt, spreading her legs slightly apart. Lisa giggled when she saw Rebecca’s smooth mound.

"You really are like a baby down there, aren’t you?!", Lisa giggled. Rebecca turned away as she was wiped, the humiliation of this treatment almost too much to bear.

Susan paid another visit to the nursery. "Supper will be ready in a little while", she said to Lisa, handing her a bowl. "This is for Becky."

With that, Susan left almost as quickly as she had entered. Lisa looked at the bowl in her hands….it contained sliced strawberries.

"Ohhh! Look what Mom brought you!", Lisa exclaimed, "Strawberries!!"

Rebecca smiled abit at the mention of strawberries….her favorite fruit!! At least she was getting good food, she thought to herself.

Rebecca reached for the bowl. Lisa quickly moved it out of her reach.

"Uhh Uhhh!", she laughed, "Lisa will feed Becky!"

Rebecca balked at being fed by the teenager, but after being threatened with another spanking, she relented.

Lisa held up a piece of the juicy fruit and motioned Rebecca to come closer to her. Rebecca reluctantly inched her way closer to the girl, until she was standing just inches from her.

Lisa giggled as she sat cross-legged on the floor, feeding Becky from her hand. She would not allow little Becky to even touch the food with her hands, allowing her only to take the fruit with her mouth. Rebecca was furious at being treated this way, but her hunger over-rode her pride.

Lisa laughed as she watched Becky gobbling the fruit from her hand, watching as the juice dribbling down her chin and neck. Becky was teased by having a slice of strawberry held out to her, and then, just as Becky was about to take a bite, Lisa pulled it away and ate it herself.


Lisa held another piece of strawberry up for Becky, but instead of accepting it, lil Becky shook her head and looked up at Lisa. "No more, please….I’ve had enough to eat".

Lisa giggled and moved the piece of fruit back and forth across Becky’s mouth, smearing the sticky red juice over her tiny lips. "Finish your supper like a good girl, Becky", the teenager sneered, nudging the fruit against Becky’s lips.

"I told you that I’ve had enough to eat, Lisa!", Becky replied, trying to be forceful, but finding it extremely difficult, having to look up at the giant girl as she spoke. "And I’m not a ~little girl~!!

"Well, , ~Becky~, you look little to me", the girl smiled, taunting the tiny woman, and continuing to rub the fruit over her lips, smearing it over her mouth. "Now take this one last bite."

Rebecca sighed as opened her mouth, allowing herself to be fed the last bit of the bowl of strawberries.

"Good girl, Becky!", Lisa giggled as she placed the bowl aside and motioned to Rebecca.

Rebecca bristled at being spoken to in such a manner by the much younger girl. To Rebecca, it seemed that Lisa was taking great amusement at mocking and teasing her…making sure that Rebecca understood that it was Lisa who was in charge here.

"Lisa, I’m not a child", Rebecca said, looking the giant girl in the eye, trying to sound assertive, "So don’t talk to me like that, okay?"

"Awwww!", Lisa giggled, "Little Becky don’t like to be talked to like that? Well, what do you think you’re gonna do about it?"

To emphasize her dominance over Rebecca, Lisa reached down and pushed the tiny woman backwards. Rebecca stumbled backwards a few steps and looked up at her young tormentor.

"Nothing….", Rebecca replied, head bowed, her voice almost inaudible. She knew all too well that Lisa was capable of doing whatever she wished with her, and there was nothing she could do to stop her.

"That’s what I thought you’d say!", Lisa smirked.

"And….if you ever have thoughts about whining to my mom about anything, think of this first…..she isn’t always going to be around to protect you…..understand?"

Rebecca nodded her head, not even looking up, knowing she was trapped.

Lisa motioned to Rebecca again, "Now come over here"

Rebecca hesitated, but then took the few steps back to where she was standing before Lisa had shoved her.

Lisa smiled and patted her lap, "Come sit in my lap!"

Rebecca’s jaw dropped. How absolutely humiliating!! She took a few steps backward, biting her lower lip and shaking her head.

"Becky? Did you hear what I said?", Lisa asked, bending forward and cocking her head to one side. "Now come here!"

Rebecca began to tremble as she took a few tentative steps toward Lisa. Rebecca felt a hot flash wash over her face and neck as she climbed up into Lisa’s lap.

Lisa smiled and turned Rebecca to the side, situating her in her lap.

"Now, that’s a good girl!", Lisa giggled as she looked down at Rebecca, patting her gently on her bare legs.

Rebecca said nothing. Her face burned with the humiliation of being forced to sit in Lisa’s lap. Rebecca stared straight ahead, arms wrapped tightly across her front, clutching at her tee shirt. She whimpered softly when she felt Lisa’s finger in her face, tracing an invisible line down her cheek and neck.

Suddenly, the nursery door opened and Susan walked in.

"Awwww!", Susan smiled when she saw her daughter and Rebecca, "Isn’t that the cutest thing! Are you two having a good time?"

Lisa giggled and nodded her head, "Yes, mother!". Rebecca forced a smile, but remained silent.

"Lisa, since you are off from school tomorrow….I have to go into work. So, can you watch Michelle and Becky?"

"Sure, mom!", Lisa replied cheerfully.

"I hate to have to have you stay cooped up in the house all day, but I’m afraid that we cannot take Becky out in public. If people were to find out that we have a tiny woman here….well, it would be a nightmare, believe me. Between the newspaper and TV reporters…not to mention the gawkers….we wouldn’t be able to even leave the house."

"What if we were to disguise Becky, mom?" Lisa asked, looking the tiny woman up and down. Rebecca shifted uneasily in Lisa’s lap, not liking what she was hearing.

"What are you talking about, dear?", Susan asked, "Disguising her??"

"Watch this", Lisa replied. She reached up and pulled Rebecca’s hair back and up into two pony-tails. "I could put her hair up like this….dress her up in some of Michelle’s clothes….anyone who looks at her would just think that she is ‘Chelle’s sister."

Rebecca began to squirm in Lisa’s lap, trying to climb out. Lisa clasped her arms around the tiny woman, holding her in place.

"NOOO!", Rebecca protested, "You’re NOT dressing me up like a baby!! Su-san! Tell her NO!! It’s bad enough that I’m treated like a baby around here, having to wear a diaper to bed, being put in a high chair to eat, having to be assisted with everything I want to do….now, you are making me BE a baby!! Please don’t let her do this!!

Susan looked down at her tiny friend. "Becky, honey….I know you’re upset about being small…and I know you don’t like being so dependent on us to help you with everything…but you can’t expect us to have to stay in the house all the time, just because someone might notice that you are a shrunken woman."

Rebecca buried her face in her hands and wept, realizing that control of her life and destiny now rested in the whims and desires of Susan and her teenaged daughter.

Lisa smiled and guided Rebecca’s head against her bosom, rocking her gently back and forth. Little Rebecca turned her head into Lisa’s chest and continued to sob, her tiny hands clutching at the material of Lisa’s top.

As she was leaving the nursery, Susan turned to her daughter. "I’m going to be giving ‘Chelle a bath in a minute…would you mind helping Becky later with her bath for me?"

"No problem, mom", Lisa replied, nuzzling lil Becky close and stroking her face with her finger, "Why don’t you just let me give Michelle and Becky a bath…they can take one together!"

Rebecca groaned at the prospect of having to take a bath with a toddler, but knew it was useless to even think about protesting.

Susan brought Michelle into the nursery and made sure the coast was clear while Lisa guided her baby sister down the hallway towards the bathroom while at the same time, carrying Rebecca on her hip. Little Rebecca was upset because Michelle was allowed to walk, while she was carried.